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Angela Steel


SuperWellness is the leading provider of nutrition centred wellbeing corporate programmes in the UK.

We are here to help you plan and deliver an integrated strategy, which produces measurable results for your organisation and your employees. Nutrition is a vastly untapped area of wellbeing – a study by Brigham Young University estimated the impact on productivity from a poor diet could be as high as 66%. Our tried and tested services include a wide range of seminars & programmes, team building activities, health screens, as well as nutrition consultancy with your catering provider, resulting in highly engaging and effective outcomes.

Founded by Angela Steel in 2011, our company now includes a team of twenty qualified registered nutritionists with experience working in corporate environments and providing a UK wide service. Our team’s expertise ranges from public health to nutrition for mental health, sleep and many specialist topics. We work with clients across all industries including names such as Harrods, Warner Music, NBC Universal, Exterion Media, Linklaters, Park Plaza Hotels, and many more.

We would love to help your team to thrive too with our evidence based, engaging and integrated programmes.

Esther O’Halloran

Non-Executive Director & Advisor

Kelly Hutson

Relationship Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Katarina Cepinova

Associate Corporate Nutritionist & Commercial Director, Nutrition

Auriol Moores

Corporate Nutrition & Commercial Director, Wellbeing

Maria Trindade

Associate Corporate Nutritionist & SW Charter of Excellence Manager

Francesca Liparoti

Associate Corporate Nutritionist and Project Coordinator

Edina Csanalosi

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, The City of London

Louise Gaskell

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Berkshire

Melanie Harrison

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Surrey

Lisa Chothia

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Leeds & Manchester

Ceri James

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Wellbeing Calendar Editor

Tracey Raye

Associate Corporate Nutritionist & Catering Specialist

Bea Lyus

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Surrey & London

Vandana Manocha

Public Health & Corporate Nutritionist

Julie Weston

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, South Coast

Magdalena Wronska

Associate and Nutrition Lecturer and Educator

Lisa Powell

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Education & Schools

Sandrine Olmi

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Hospitality Industry & Social Media Manager

Ali Prentice

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, London & South East

Michele Nowell

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist 

Claire Kimber

Associate Corporate Nutritionist

Despina Giannopoulou

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist 

Aileen Smith

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist 

What We Offer

Wellbeing Seminars

Wellbeing Seminars

Tap into your full potential by engaging in healthy lifestyle change

Catering Consultancy

Catering Consultancy

Working with Contract Caterers to Design Healthy Recipes and Menus



Personalised diet & lifestyle prescription guided by your genes’

Case Studies

Case Studies

“The programme resulted in a 33% improvement in energy levels across the organisation"

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Some of our Favourite Recipes

Feel Good Salad

This is one of my favourite salads to prepare when I’m working from home, because it’s so nice when the beans are still warm.

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Middle Eastern Rainbow Rice & Lentils

This tasty and colourful meal can be made in minutes, especially if, as I do, you batch cook your rice and lentils and freeze portions to use later. It’s packed with nutrients that help restore your health and energy after the stresses of a long day.

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Cacao Festive Treats with Spiced Mulled Mocktails

These treats are loaded with tasty goodness and deliver an intense nutrient punch. They contain slow-burning and fibre-rich carbs, protein and healthy fats – plus a host of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients to feed your gut and brain.

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