The SuperWellness Team

Our team of corporate nutritionists & wellbeing consultants
Corporate nutrition innovator Angela Steel

Angela Steel

Founder & CEO

SuperWellness is the leading provider in corporate nutrition centred wellbeing in the UK.

Our mission: to make your workplace nutrition smart so that you can be more competitive and enhance your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Nutrition is a vastly untapped component of wellbeing. And yet, by making small, practical adjustments to our daily eating habits, we can achieve quick wins. These include more energy for physical activity and balanced brain chemistry for mental wellbeing and stress resilience.

Founded by CEO Angela Steel, SuperWellness has been delivering corporate nutrition centred wellbeing programmes since 2014. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients across industries including VitalityHealth, P&O Ferries, Amalgamated Construction, Harrods and The London Stock Exchange. We have a track record of high engagement and measurable outcomes. One of our recent projects achieved an 86-fold saving on sickness absence costs.

Other benefits reported by our clients include raising morale, creating a buzz across teams, boosting engagement, productivity and supporting companies to become destination employers, attracting and retaining the best talent.

Get in touch: we’d love to help your team to thrive too with our evidence based, engaging and integrated programmes.

Esther O’Halloran

Non-Executive Director & Advisor

Corporate nutritionist Katarina Cepinova

Katarina Cepinova

Associate Corporate Nutritionist & Commercial Director

Corporate nutritionist Auriol Moores

Auriol Moores

Associate & Corporate Nutritionist

Corporate nutrition specialist Edi Csanalosi

Edina Csanalosi

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, The City of London

Corporate nutrition specialist Louise Gaskell

Louise Gaskell

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Berkshire

Corporate nutrition specialist Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Education & Schools

Corporate nutritionist Melanie Harrison

Melanie Harrison

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Surrey

Corporate nutrition specialist Ali Prentice

Ali Prentice

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, London & South East

Corporate nutrition specialist Francesca Liparoti

Francesca Liparoti

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist

Corporate nutrition specialist Lisa Chothia

Lisa Chothia

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Leeds & Manchester

Corporate nutrition specialist Ceri James

Ceri James

Associate Corporate Nutritionist

Corporate nutrition specialist Lucille Bleekers

Lucille Bleekers

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, North

Corporate nutrition specialist Bea Lyus

Bea Lyus

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Surrey & London

Corporate nutrition specialist Vandana Manocha

Vandana Manocha

Public Health & Corporate Nutritionist

Corporate nutrition specialist Julie Weston

Julie Weston

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, South Coast

Corporate nutrition specialist Magdalena Wronska

Magdalena Wronska

Associate and Nutrition Lecturer and Educator

Corporate nutrition specialist Sandrine Olmi

Sandrine Olmi

Associate Corporate Nutritionist, Hospitality Industry & Social Media Manager

Corporate nutrition specialist Claire Kimber

Claire Kimber

Associate Corporate Nutritionist

Corporate nutrition specialist Aileen Smith

Aileen Smith

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist 

What We Offer

Wellbeing Seminars

Wellbeing Seminars

Tap into your full potential by engaging in healthy lifestyle change

Catering Consultancy

Catering Consultancy

Working with Contract Caterers to Design Healthy Recipes and Menus



Personalised diet & lifestyle prescription guided by your genes’

Case Studies

Case Studies

“The programme resulted in a 33% improvement in energy levels across the organisation"

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