Magdalena Wronska

Associate and Nutrition Lecturer & Educator

Magdalena is a seasoned, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker and facilitator. Her special interest is in the optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches to mental health – including anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, learning and behavioural problems and various neurological conditions. Magdalena also provides guidance and education on how to manage stress and become more resilient to life’s many pressures and challenges. She has an interest in genetic testing and how discovering a unique genetic profile might benefit individuals in their journey to improved health and wellness.

Magdalena is also a nutrition lecturer at various academic institutions. She has completed an MSc in Personalised Nutrition as well as in Commodity Sciences. She is also an NLP practitioner.

Some of the feedback from Magdalena’s work:

‘Magdalena did a fantastic and excellent presentation which, I think, is going to totally change the way myself and my family will eat in the future.’

‘The Nutrition talk was just fantastic. Excellent delivery’

‘The presentation regarding the 7 Nutrition Habits was excellent’

‘Nutrition Habits talk – really enjoyed the presentation and going to try and do the 10 day challenge’