Tracey Raye

Associate and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Tracey Raye is a Functional Nutritionist living in West London. Currently, she works in her private health practice while completing her MSc in Personalised Nutrition. In addition, she works as a freelance Food & Wellness Consultant – developing recipes, health programs & writing informative health articles.

Along with nutrition, she holds a degree in Psychology & Philosophy from University College Cork, Ireland – however her first love has always been food. Born with a spoon in her hand, by the age of 10 she was preparing all the family meals. As a self-taught chef, she spent years honing her skills in various cuisines & techniques. Throughout her schooling, she catered for dinner parties and events, eventually working as a Chef in a professional kitchen at age 18. It was there where she cultivated her skills in menu planning, recipe development, food aesthetic and execution. Her handcrafted desserts quickly became a hit, leading her to create a niche business in Wedding & Celebration cakes for the health conscious consumer. From there she expanded into food consulting, working with restaurants and food markets to build enticing and nutritious offerings from the ground up.

Tracey is passionate about wellness and helping people to feel good again – an experience she believes is rooted by the food that we eat. Having grown up surrounded by unhealthy food, she understands what it takes to go from ‘tasty food that fills your tummy’ to ‘delicious food that nourishes your whole body’ – and she knows first-hand just how great it feels!