The SuperWellness Team

Our team of corporate nutritionists & wellbeing consultants

SuperWellness is a leading provider of nutrition-centred wellbeing services. We work with employers who are committed to creating an outstanding employee value proposition through an effective wellbeing strategy. Our team of corporate nutritionists and wellbeing consultants are there to support your employees to make small adjustments which are practical for working life through programmes which combine evidence based knowledge with behavioural change science.

Our experienced corporate nutritionist & wellbeing team

SuperWellness was founded 10 years ago and in that time, we’ve worked with over 150 mainly UK businesses (with a few international audiences for our more recent webinars), and hosted over 1,500 webinars and workshops. Health, physical and mental wellbeing, and caring for your workforce have never before been so important for companies, especially as we all face the multiple challenges raised by the pandemic.

Engaging well-informed corporate audiences

We know that our audiences tend to be knowledgeable about health and nutrition, which is why we always strive to engage them with thoroughly researched, up to date, evidence-based and eye opening content. We are constantly adding new topics to our menu, usually following requests from our clients, which means we can keep on trend and offer content which is relevant.

We also understand the importance of taking a practical, down-to-earth approach designed to help people implement small adjustments at their own pace, in order to feel a difference in their health, both mental and physical.

Physical and mental wellbeing

Benefits for employees have included measurable improvements in physical and mental health, including weight management, energy, mood, sleep, skin health, digestion and stress resilience. From the employer perspective, our programmes have been shown to reduce sickness absence costs as well as boost morale and engagement.

Our corporate nutritionist service has expanded in recent years to include mental health and mindfulness consultants. Our team is highly experienced in working with corporate audiences, delivering content in a way that’s down to earth, engaging and professional.

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