Ali Prentice

Employee Engagement & Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace Expert

Working in internal comms for many years, Ali’s bread and butter was finding ways to inspire employees and change their behaviours. She now brings this engagement know-how to the corporate nutrition space, helping busy people tweak their diets and lifestyle – so they can be at their best each day.

Many of us believe we don’t have the time or skills to eat healthily and nourish our physical and mental wellbeing. Ali’s recipe for success is sharing the best nutrition advice in simple, accessible and practical ways. She knows employees are motivated by new nudges and ideas for healthy meals, snacks and recipes – and the chance to taste these, when possible. As a keen healthy home cook and recipe developer, these factors play straight to Ali’s strengths.

Interested in what makes people tick, Ali has degrees in Psychology and Nutritional Therapy. This fusion gives her special insights into mental wellbeing and how stress affects us.

Ali knows only too well how work pressures can mess with healthy eating and lifestyle routines – and wellness. During several intensely stressful projects she was only able to keep resilient and well by tapping into her own nutrition knowledge. One of Ali’s top tips for stress is eating a few squares of dark chocolate a day (yes, really!). Another is getting out into green surroundings for 10 minutes to bring down levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Working with SuperWellness clients across the Tech, Media and Comms, Finance and Hospitality sectors, time and again Ali has seen how making small changes can have a big impact on both employees and workplace wellbeing and productivity.

While leading our wellness challenge with a 5-star London hotel, Ali used her coaching and engagement skills to help improve their health. By the end of the challenge energy levels were up by 26%, mood was 23% better and concentration rose by 16%. Ali’s participants recommend this kind of wellness activity to other employees and companies, saying:

“The challenge is fantastic – and definitely seen as a valuable benefit”

 “My team and I have been really motivated and supportive of each other”

 “I’ve been batch cooking more and taking the stairs, not lift”

Other attendees of Ali’s lively workshops describe her as “a great presenter”as well as warm, informed, engaging, professional, fun and charismatic.

“Ali gave a great reminder on the simple things we can do to help ourselves”

Ali keeps up to date with the latest, proven nutrition science and is a member of the professional body BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine). Ali has also created our Stressbuster talks, interactive content for the SuperWellness App and various materials on Sleep. She also gives talks to corporate wellbeing industry professionals.

Outside work and her kitchen, Ali enjoys joining her family whizzing down ski pistes and dashing round tennis courts!