Jelena Deruka

Corporate Nutritionist

Jelena is a corporate nutritionist based in the South West of England. Passionate about helping people in the corporate world to adopt positive, incremental changes in a fun and achievable way, she has delivered workshops across a range of sectors including corporate head offices, call centres and construction.

Feedback from attendees:

“Jelena is knowledgeable, energetic and engaging”

“Great workshop! Very informative”

“Jelena was very encouraging and I particularly liked the interactive style”

After moving to the UK from Latvia in 2006, Jelena completed a bachelor’s degree in International Business before pursuing her passion for health and nutrition and graduating from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). She became a specialist advisor for Pukka Herbs for four years, advising herbal medicine practitioners in their work with private clients.

Jelena has travelled extensively, developing a keen interest in Eastern Medicine and Ayurvedic practices in addition to her Western nutrition training. She is also a qualified yoga teacher with training in sound healing and meditation. She brings this unique blend of skills combined with evidence based nutritional knowledge, to supporting people to be better equipped to perform at their best in high stress environments.