Lisa Chothia

Associate and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Lisa is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Registered Nutritionist MBANTand a Corporate Nutritionist specialising in practical, easy to implement techniques to improve health and wellbeing.   She delivers engaging, informative, fun and interactive workshops, talks, seminars and wellbeing programs.   With over 12 years experience as a PA and Executive Assistant across a range of sectors she understand the day to day challenges faced by busy office staff.

While working on a professional equestrian event and teaching yard she noticed how much science, care and time went into preparing the horse’s meals while the humans just grabbed anything hot and quick!

It ignited a burning interest in her own fitness and health, she moved to London and trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION).  During this time she also qualified as a NLP practitioner, and she was working as an Executive Assistant for a recruitment company at the same time too.

Then in 2007 she experienced an unknown illness that left her fighting for her life in hospital. To this day she firmly believes that without her nutrition knowledge she would not have survived.

She graduated ION in 2010 with the Patrick Holford award for success in the face of adversity and a strong personal and professional understanding of illness.

Since then Lisa has developed her own nutrition business ‘The Nutritional Realist’ as well as working as an associate with SuperWellness covering the North of the UK from her base in Huddersfield.

Lisa has delivered corporate nutrition programmes for blue chip clients such as HSBC and AMCO, here is some of the feedback she has received:

“Fantastic presentation, very engaging.  Thank you”

“Fantastic! It was very informative and very well presented. The more technical aspects of how the body reacts to foods were simplified so were easy to understand. Very interesting presentation.”

“I found this very informative session to be a massive wake-up call. Information was very well presented and engaging. I have a renewed motivation to improve my approach to nutrition and overall wellbeing. Working towards targets is in my natural mind-set, so I am very optimistic of a big change.”

“Very informative, really knowledgeable.  A bit of an eye opener for me!”

“Very informative – some great practical tips about how to plan ahead and really useful info about pitfalls to watch out for. Presented in a very engaging clear way! Lots of handy tips and most of all realistic!”

“Very Informative, interesting facts, entertaining speaker.”

“Very informative.  Refreshed my knowledge about nutrition.  It got me and my friends talking about how we can make improvements during our busy lives.”