Melanie Harrison

Associate and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Melanie has been working as a Corporate Nutritionist, specialising in wellbeing programs for employees since 2016.  She has a special focus on the Construction and Transport Industries and enjoys addressing the specific challenges created by manual work, staggered shift patterns and a demographic where the workforce is dispersed or is not specifically confined to one location.

She also has wide ranging experience working with clients in the Media, Banking, Hospitality and Insurance sectors, some of which also have a national employee base. Some of her recent projects have involved work at Barings, the 5-star hotel The Stafford Hotel London and Café Spice Namaste, run by celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala.

One project which she particularly enjoyed has been working with P&O Ferries to achieve their wellbeing goals over a six-month period. Motivating and coaching the their employees to take small but meaningful steps to achieve their goals in a nurturing and nonjudgmental fashion.  She has also worked with the onboard chefs to help them make some adjustments in their menus making them healthier as well as deliciously exciting.

Melanie has always wanted to support and enable people. After studying homeopathy some years ago, she was thrilled to finally have the opportunity of achieving another dream in studying Nutrition. However, She has always been a fussy eater and for decades described herself as someone who doesn’t like vegetables – thank god for all the fruit and salad she ate!

Melanie had no idea how much her eyes were going to be opened whilst studying. She learnt that we eat vegetables for health, to help us function, support our immune system and save our lives!  What a wake-up call; she had seen the light and works on her 5, 6, 7 and 8 plus per day.  Green vegetable smoothies have become her saviour the taste often hidden by the portion of berries and coconut milk to make them more palatable. Now her minimum five a day is a breeze and she has a better relationship with many of those green things she used to detest. She understands how difficult it can be to make worthy lifestyle changes as She has walked in these tired and worn out shoes.  She now wants to spread the word to enlighten and support those who are unaware or stuck in poor habits.

She really gets a buzz from supporting people to obtain that ‘light-bulb moment’ and make simple but impacting lifestyles changes to achieve better health and vitality and would love to support your wellbeing for your employees too.

Melanie’s is a Dip CNM qualified Nutritional Therapist and registered with both BANT and CHNC. She is also a qualified Dip LCHE Homeopath and has a BSc Honours Degree.