Angela Steel Founder of SuperWellness

Angela Steel

Founder & CEO

Angela Steel founded SuperWellness in 2011, having retrained in nutrition after 15 years in technology marketing. Having experienced the impact of nutrition on her own health, she developed a strong purpose to help more people benefit from it as she had done. She retrained part time for three years at CNM London and qualified as a nutritional therapist in 2009.

She ran a busy private nutrition practice for three years, gaining experience in the practical side of nutrition and what motivates people to make changes. Many of her clients were professionals, and struggled with everyday challenges such as time pressure, business travel, entertaining clients etc.

In 2014 Angela worked with her first corporate clients and never looked back, having become aware of the huge ‘nutrition gap’ and potential for making a difference in the workplace.

She began by designing and delivering the programmes herself to gain a first hand understanding of the reality of workplace wellbeing, how to engage and get results.

In 2016 she set up the associate programme, which now includes 20 associates delivering and developing SuperWellness programmes around the UK.

Angela was awarded Entrepreneur of the year in the 2016 SME Surrey Awards and her focus is now on leading the strategy and protecting the integrity of its values and mission as the business grows.