Despina Giannopoulou

Associate, Corporate Nutritionist & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Despina Giannopoulou is one of the first Certified Bulletproof Coaches, graduating in September 2016 in Pasadena California.

She also became a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner in April 2016 by completing the IFM program.

After 30 years spent building a high-pressure career in corporate IT for companies like Morgan Stanley, Deloitte & Ericsson, Despina decided it was time to turn her energy towards helping professionals thrive.

Witnessing first-hand the detrimental effect a corporate lifestyle could have on her peers and colleagues (and the ways in which traditional clinical medicine often failed to help), she set out to explore health, nutrition and wellness from a new perspective.

As a health coach Despina regards genuine partnership as essential to the success of the people she works with.

She guides her clients in overcoming fears and perceived limitations by making health, vitality and self-development a central priority in life.

Despina holds a Bachelors in Computer Science, an MBA, a Masters in Personalised Nutrition and a clinical naturopathic nutrition diploma. She is also a member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC the complementary and natural health care council.