What Clients Say About SuperWellness

“We’ve had a big shift towards associate wellness. We want to make a difference to people and how they feel and our wellness programmes are part of that. It’s how we got involved with SuperWellness. It’s about knowing your numbers, understanding what they are, what makes up our bodies, and how what we eat can affect how we feel, and it’s informed our strategy going forward as to how we look after the staff.

We’re in an industry of hospitality that puts up a lot of barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether that’s long shifts, stressful environments, the kitchen being one of them. We’re absolutely delighted with how it’s going and we’re really committed to helping associate wellbeing and driving that in the hospitality industry.”

Human Resources Manager, Marriott County Hall

This is an amazing programme that is both educational and fun to participate in. At AMCOGiffen, we take the wellbeing of our employees seriously. We have had some great results and the feedback from our employees has been fantastic. This is so well worth the investment.”

Shirley Haines

Human Resources Director, AMCOGiffen

“Nutrition is part of our wider health and wellbeing strategy and it goes hand in hand with our board commitments to lead the industry and [set] standards for best practice in health and wellbeing. We operate in a highly regulated industry where we’re constantly focusing on safety and compliance, so it’s essential that our people are fit and healthy and able to take [on] the work they’re required to do.

On the other hand, we believe encouraging our people to take ownership for their own health through initiatives such as [the] SuperWellness challenge empowers them to make healthier choices in their own life.”

Amanda Miller

Head of HR Fleet, P&O Ferries

“The programme was a fantastic investment to make; centring on nutrition and fitness, stress and sleep, we really saw a difference in the team’s productivity, happiness and overall health. Furthermore, the group challenges created healthy competition and brought our teams and departments closer together.

On the back of the programme we have seen the launch of a Stafford running club, as well as the team eating much more healthily in the staff dining room.”

Stuart Procter

General Manager, The Stafford London

We have had fantastic feedback from our employees regarding SuperWellness and we look forward to working further with them in the future. It has become increasingly evident to us at PPHE Hotel Group that our employees’ wellbeing is a vital part of our culture. It is not only essential for us to have happy, healthy and motivated employees, but also we look forward to seeing the improvements in performance this will inevitably bring. We look forward to planning a program which incorporates wellbeing and nutritional advice in a variety of ways in all our UK hotels.

Alexandra Loveridge

HR Officer, Park Plaza Hotel Group

“As a workplace food service specialist, we feel we have a duty to our clients to provide food that is healthy as well as tasty. It’s something we take seriously, hence investing in [this programme] for the benefit of our own staff, as well as our clients.

On a personal note, I am sure the programme has helped extend my life and hopefully I will continue to lead it in a healthier, more mindful way.”

Brian Allanson

Chief Executive Officer , Blue Apple

“Angela’s talk on the ‘Seven Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People’ was extremely engaging and informative, and very well received by all attendees. We also enjoyed the individual body composition mini-consultations and the recipes handed out afterwards.

It was a pleasure working with Angela and SuperWellness, with very professional and high quality service throughout, from our initial request through to the event itself. I would very much recommend her if you are considering organising corporate nutritional wellbeing events.”

Hannah Smith

Consultant, Accenture

The SuperWellness 3 month nutrition challenge has been the most talked about benefit we’ve introduced all year.

Emma Cutbill

Benefits Manager, Incisive Media

Thank you for the refreshing and informative ‘Food for the Brain’ talk that you delivered to our team today. Your delivery was professional and enthusiastic, keeping the audience engaged throughout the hour-long presentation. The whole team enjoyed what you had to say and the audience participation in the Zinc test towards the end was particularly interesting.

The breakthroughs after your main presentation when we discussed and measured our body compositions was very well received and a number of us were surprised by the result and it certainly became a healthy competition on many levels. Thank you for your time

Diane Parkin

Office Manager, HSBC Bank Plc at South and West Yorkshire Corporate Banking Centre

For us, running a great business starts with healthy and happy employees. I’m delighted that Kuoni joined the SuperWellness challenge, a pioneering new concept in employee wellness which has had really meaningful results. The positive outcomes have been way beyond improved wellness, enhancing team spirit and motivation.

Derek Jones

Managing Director, Kuoni

Very helpful! First time the importance of eating protein actually sunk in. I hope to keep remembering to apply into my daily routine


AMC Networks

Very interesting and Laura was very helpful and able to share her good knowledge of nutrition and nutritional deficiencies. She gave a bespoke service and did not speak in generalities. I learned a lot from the session.


Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, speaking about our neurotransmitter one to one testing service

The 3 month challenge exceeded my expectations in every way! It’s been great to track my body composition results and to see the positive results of the changes I’m making. I would never want to go back to my old diet and I have so much knowledge about nutrition and wellbeing now! I have so much more energy and I’m in a permanently good mood! I no longer crave sweets and chocolate. I have completely overhauled by diet and I now understand the benefits of certain food groups and can notice when my body is lacking something. I also don’t get headaches any more because I realised I was dehydrated all the time!


Really informative and engaging, I loved it!

Kya Cohen

Engine Group

Really interesting! Magdalena was really funny and made the scientific parts easy to understand


Engine Group

Very good. Was a good mix of interesting facts and practical ways to improve lifestyle, look forward to more sessions

Darren Knipe

Engine Group

Really informative! I have definitely come away with some great diet tips. Francesca is very engaging and a good speaker

Kirsten Knox

Engine Group

Great! Made it seem easy to change my diet, I’m impressed!


Engine Group

Informative, confirming some things and I also learnt about new areas to think about.

Kirsty Wilson

Engine Group

Really interesting, you realise you can change little things in your life to have a healthier one.


The Stafford London

Everyone enjoyed it and are talking about the changes they are going to make/things they are now going to introduce, which is great.

Vicki Cotterill

Pricing & Rebate Coordinator, British Gypsum

I really enjoyed the sessions and it has inspired me to kick-start a healthy regime.


The Caravan Club

Extremely interesting and valuable. I already have a fairly healthy diet but I was still able to learn new things and will incorporate a couple of changes, thank you!


The Caravan Club

Fun, informative, interesting!

Fiona Murphy

The Caravan Club

Really interesting – a good interactive session. Reinforced some knowledge and added some new information.


The Caravan Club

I found the body composition test very interesting, also the advice and ideas on ‘good’ foods etc. The practical cooking was great for introducing new ingredients. Thank you!

Laura Seal

The Caravan Club

Informative, concise and well researched! Will definitely put these habits into practice!

Charlie Cox

, NBC Universal

Really useful and amazing helpful speaker!


, NBC Universal

Very useful and motivating, professional, all questions answered, good material, would like to hear more.


, Bird & Bird

Interesting, thought provoking, practical recommendations.


, Bird & Bird

Hugely informative. Helps me figure out what I should eat and do more and less of.


, Accenture

Really insightful, learned lots and hope to implement them at home. Thank you


, Accenture

Really helpful and I honestly think I will change my diet after this!


, Accenture

Very informative and interactive session. Thought the topics presented very well and presenters really knew their stuff.

Orla Breen

, Accenture

Thank you for your invaluable advice about what I should eat. It has made a tremendous difference and ended several years of weariness and lethargy.

Roy Crate

Extremely interesting. The mix between science and nutritional facts was a new twist to wellness talks.

Mia Kastrup

, Accenture

“Really useful session, will be putting a lot in practice”

William Marriott

Engine Group

Very engaging and ‘food for thought’. Very interested in taking it further.

Mark Swindale

Shield Technologies

“Really interesting and intuitive. Will definitely take away some of the changes. A real eye opener!”

Leanne Duke

Engine Group

“A brilliant programme that benefits you at work as well as in your personal life, and it’s amazing that my family have also picked up some of my new habits. I will definitely continue with the new eating habits I have learned. I’ve lost about a stone, my skin is looking great and I’m feeling much healthier generally”
Nancy Verboom

Made me really think about what I eat – also gave me an insight into what I could achieve and where I am now.

Julie Angell

Blue Rocket Accounting

I enjoyed this session very much. It made me think very differently about the food I eat. It has made me decide to deal with a problem I have had for a long time.

Denese Kensington

BPK Associates

“Excellent and very informative. I’ve taken a lot out of today’s session


Engine Group

“Brilliant talk really informative!!”

Fabienne Wilkinson

“It’s been enjoyable and educational. It’s improved my skin and also my ‘shakes’ I used to get when my blood sugar was too low”

“Very knowledgeable speaker”

L Hubbell

“Thoroughly enjoyed it, broke several myths for me. Been great to involve my hubby too. I feel so much better in myself and the fact I’ve had little or no joint pain has been remarkable. I would definitely recommend this, it’s been a fabulous opportunity.”
Dawn Butcher

“Amazing and so inspiring!”

Julli Dunman

Excellent! Thank you so much for offering us the opportunity to listen to this seminar. The information is very valuable!”
Brigitte S

“Brilliant! Really interesting and easy to follow”

“I love the changes I’ve made. I feel like I have more energy, I do feel less tired and I sleep much better through the night. My clothes feel looser, my skin has improved and I generally feel so much better in myself”
Jo Carpenter

“I have really enjoyed learning about the effects that different foods have on me and trying new foods. I have gone from a size 14 to a comfortable 12. Friends and family comment on it too. No bloating or cravings, more energy in the afternoons.”

“Really interesting affirmation of dietary issues, raised new points to change”


Superb session, I feel I learnt a lot, and my diet will definitely improve as a result

Barry Durkin

AMC Networks

Really good and informative. Given me the push and motivation to make some lifestyle changes nutrition wise


Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, speaking about our neurotransmitter one to one testing service

Very useful! Heard a lot about what we should be eating but today I started to undertsand why

Mark Brennan

Engine Group

I found it really interesting – I particularly liked the way Magdalena injected humour into the seminar and likened bodily functions to everyday actions to aid understanding.


Engine Group

Hugely informative and interesting I enjoyed the whole presentation from start to finish


Engine Group

Really useful and interesting. Lots of surprises and lots of really valuable background and explanations. Tonnes of practical tips too. Will definitely adopt some of the lessons from today.

Richard Rigby

CNC Communications

Brilliant! Engaging, interesting. Maria is a great presenter and vert knowledgeable. Loved the zinc test!

Kristina Miles

CNC Communications

Very good, informative & interesting. Looking forward to seeing the transformation after 3 months.


The Stafford London

I thought the session was spot on. Exactly what I needed, I feel inspired to take better care of my brain.


CNC Communications

Very good and informative. I learned many things I did not know about. I really liked all the explanations about how foods affect your brain, I had never heard these types of explanations.

Marina Sanchez

CNC Communications

Super helpful, useful and eye-opening!


NBC Universal

Very informative – good food for thought, how to change some habits.

Kim Francis

The Caravan Club

Very informative and interesting. I liked the food tasters. Both speakers were very helpful and very nice!

Amy Dunn

The Caravan Club

Really useful with some handy tips and helpful to try and plan a healthy diet.

Carey Smith

The Caravan Club

Really informative and eye-opening!


NBC Universal

“It was really informative. Francesca was engaging and very knowledgeable. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but learnt a lot of new things in the presentation – will definitely be attending the rest of the course”

Katie Brearley

Engine Group

Excellent, really well delivered, with good practical advice – realistic options!

Ellie Tubby

Bird & Bird

Really good!

Megan Cross

Bird & Bird

“I have very much enjoyed the SuperWellness Challenge and made some fundamental changes to my eating habits. My family is also changing bad habits and eating better, which is wonderful. Also, my skin is improved and my hair is amazing!”
Beverley Maasik

Very informative and interactive. Angela is fun whilst putting across an important subject.

Mick Prestidge

Morning Grin

“I have enjoyed the sessions, they have all been very informative. Please come back again!!”

Dan Hewitt

The talk was very interesting and gave some clear guidance on how to improve your health – just do it!

Tony Kensington

BPK Associates

“Excellent, useful tips and practical food diet suggestions”


Engine Group

“Very useful and inspirational. I liked the way it was focusing on a healthy mind and body rather
than just weight loss.”
Katy Ward

“Excellent presentation, very clear and well documented”


Chiswick Park

“A wonderful presentation, sharing information in a way that is easy to
understand. Thank you!”
Claire H

“I’ve learnt an awful lot about the right kind of nutrition and the talks were extremely useful. I will
definitely carry this on as normal. My skin is better, I’ve lost weight and I don’t feel hungry between
meals any more”

“This has been a real eye opener. I’ve learned a lot, feel a lot better – it’s been really helpful.”

Heidi Halling

“I’ve found the 3 month challenge very interesting and have been inspired to do a nutrition college course. I feel healthier and am sleeping much better. The format has been perfect and sessions were just the right length of time.”

“Excellent! – very excited thanks”

“Very informative. I see myself as a healthy eater however I still learnt a lot.”
Steve M

“Very interesting. A lot of facts I was not aware of!”

Gina Smith

“The seminar was very informative. I learnt things I didn’t know.”
Estela M

“Informative, motivating, practical”
Kellie Sobocinski

“Really good, lots of useful information and recipes”
Michaela Clark

“This has been a real eye opener. I’ve learned a lot, feel a lot better –it’s been really helpful.”

Heidi Halling

“Very well supported – offering solutions when struggling”

“Very informative with good practical tips”

“Fascinating! I knew some of this but Francesca pulled it together very helpfully and practically, and realistic too!”

“It’s been motivating to do it together and great to share recipes and ideas. I feel less tired in the afternoon and have more energy for the gym in the evening”

“I’ve enjoyed learning about new foods and how they can help change you inside and out. Angela and Nollaig were never judgemental, only supportive and encouraging – thanks ladies! I’ve had more energy as a results, softer skin and hair.”

“Excellent – really interesting”



SuperMenu – Healthy Cookery Classes Comments

Very well organised session. Good percentage use of time of ‘pre-prepared’ and assembly of dishes. Useful back-up information re: health properties and food production.


Very enjoyable, informative and delicious! I feel ready to go shopping for ingredients and start trying the recipes for myself.


I found it really interesting and pleasant. It’s great to have these recipes, which will help us go in the right direction of healthy conscious living.

Bruno Manso

Clear and concise. Useful info along the way. Really enjoyed it.

Lucy Jackson

Very informative, nicely presented. Felt comfortable and learnt a lot. Food has been delicious as well as nutritious and also seems easy to prepare.

Rita Vail

Informative and fun. Delicious food and relaxed atmosphere. Please do another one.

Lesley J

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