Eat Well At Work

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If you feel you know what you should be doing, but never seem to get round to changing old habits…

If you struggle with chronic illness and want to be supported with a structured food plan…

If you want to dive in deep with specialist functional medicine testing…

The SuperWellness approach to nutritional therapy is based on the most cutting edge science, applied to your individual needs. It’s designed to be practical so that you can exchange old habits for new ones which will benefit you for many years to come.

Our team of fully qualified and insured Nutritional Therapists take a 360° approach to helping you transform your lifestyle, in a way that fits in with your personal and work pressures. Our programmes are designed specifically for high achieving professionals who want to be their maximum expression and are ready to take steps to make this happen.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke consultations
  • Recommendations and interpretation of relevant testing (depending on your health background, examples include gastro-intestinal function, food intolerance tests, hormone testing, minerals and heavy metals, and many more)
  • Tailored nutrition plans

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What We Offer



Tap into your full potential by engaging in healthy lifestyle change.

Eat Well At Work

Eat Well At Work

Nutritional therapy based on cutting edge science, applied to your individual needs.



Personalised diet & lifestyle prescription guided by your genes’


“Before I met Angela I thought all “diets” were a waste of time…”

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Some Of My Favourite Recipes

Feel Good Salad

This is one of my favourite salads to prepare when I’m working from home, because it’s so nice when the beans are still warm.

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Middle Eastern Rainbow Rice & Lentils

This tasty and colourful meal can be made in minutes, especially if, as I do, you batch cook your rice and lentils and freeze portions to use later. It’s packed with nutrients that help restore your health and energy after the stresses of a long day.

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Cacao Festive Treats with Spiced Mulled Mocktails

These treats are loaded with tasty goodness and deliver an intense nutrient punch. They contain slow-burning and fibre-rich carbs, protein and healthy fats – plus a host of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients to feed your gut and brain.

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