Transformation Workbook: The 7 Step Weight Loss System

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Discover the secrets nutritional experts charge £100′s to tell you, concentrated in one highly effective workbook.

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  • If you’re anxious the food you eat could be harming your health (without you even knowing it)

  • If you refuse to be trapped in an endless cycle of dieting and despair

  • If you want to get to the end of your workday and think ‘WOW!’ I’ve still got bags of energy!’

Then following this simple system could possibly be the answer you’ve been looking for.

This beautiful, clearly laid-out, colourful transformation workbook reveals:

  • How to turn OFF the ‘fat storing switch’ (Yes we do have one)
  • Why we get cravings and how to fade them out effortlessly
  • The sixth step that’s necessary to change a habit permanently (when you understand it, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders – you’ll see!)
  • The traffic light system you can begin using straight away, without counting points or calories
  • The 3 word secret to boundless energy

The methodology presented in this workbook is tried, tested and proven. It has helped hundreds of people finally gain ‘food confidence’, allowing them to easily, enjoyably and permanently develop new habits to naturally improve body shape, energy and clarity.

Why is The Transformation Workbook different from other nutrition books?

Because it’s designed to give you the practical tools you need to turn this know-how into your everyday reality:

  • By understanding which stage of readiness you’re at
  • With detailed checklists and shopping lists
  • Thanks to action provoking exercises

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Case Studies

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