On this page, you will find resources referred to in the book, Eat Your Way to the Top – 31 Habits for Optimising Your Potential at Work and Beyond.

Weekly meal plans for the office, business trips and meetings and ‘super healthy’ weeks

Resources – Eat your Way to the Top meal plans

Resources – Modular Meal Ideas including variations on some of the recipes contained in the book, plus some recommendations for healthy ready prepared meals

Traffic light guides

In these guides, I’ve categorised food and drinks lists into three columns based on a combination of sugar content and nutritional value. The categories are ‘Super’, ‘So-so’ and ‘Steer clear’. These are just intended as a guide, and recommended quantities are given.

Resources – Protein traffic light system

Resources – Plant foods traffic light system

Resources – Fats and oils traffic light system

Resources – Carb traffic light system

Protein guide

Resources – The Little Protein Guide: Calculate your daily protein needs and check the protein content of common foods

Delis, Eateries and Sandwich Shops

Pret – download our Guide to the best choices on the menu – Pret

Eat – a decent selection of porridge, salads and good soups

Marks & Spencer ‘Fuller for Longer’ range

Planet Organic – a mouthwatering buffet of hot and cold nutritious foods

Whole Foods – Plenty of great food to choose from.


Pure Taste – Paleo friendly food and a menu that people with food allergies and intolerances will find refreshingly inviting.

Meditation and mindfulness tools

Headspace – Mindfulness meditation apps

Heartmath – powerful research based products for reducing stress and increasing resilience

Sleep support

Nestmaven – a guide to some great guided meditations for a relaxing sleep from a website that’s all about healthy sleep

Recipe blogs

Green Kitchen Stories – healthy vegetarian recipes with beautiful photograhy

Honestly Healthy – inspiration for the alkaline diet

Jessipes – whole food recipes free from gluten and refined sugar

BBC Good Food – a vast selection of recipes for all tastes, including low GI and gluten free categories

Deliciously Ella – whole plant based foods

Books and DVDs that have inspired me

Browse the SuperWellness shop to see my favourite books and DVDs. SuperWellness makes a small affiliate commission on products bought through the shop, which helps us cover the costs of maintaining these free resources. The price is the same to you as buying directly from Amazon, however if you’d rather buy from a different source, you could just make a note of the title and buy it later.

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Wellbeing Seminars

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Catering Consultancy

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Some Of My Favourite Recipes

Feel Good Salad

This is one of my favourite salads to prepare when I’m working from home, because it’s so nice when the beans are still warm.

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Middle Eastern Rainbow Rice & Lentils

This tasty and colourful meal can be made in minutes, especially if, as I do, you batch cook your rice and lentils and freeze portions to use later. It’s packed with nutrients that help restore your health and energy after the stresses of a long day.

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Cacao Festive Treats with Spiced Mulled Mocktails

These treats are loaded with tasty goodness and deliver an intense nutrient punch. They contain slow-burning and fibre-rich carbs, protein and healthy fats – plus a host of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients to feed your gut and brain.

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