Let's Create An Employee Wellbeing Programme Which Is The Perfect Fit For Your Workplace

According to a study led by Brigham Young University, the impact of diet on productivity can be as high as 66%.


Imagine the possibilities if you could achieve a difference of just 10% across your organisation…

Our clients are often surprised by the difference nutrition can make in physical as well as mental health. And all it takes is a few adjustments to make a big difference. We’ll work with you to identify the ‘nutrition gap’ in your organisation and tailor the most effective solution for you.

Employee wellbeing programmes office basedSince 2014 we’ve been delivering successful employee wellbeing programmes with measurable outcomes. We’ve worked with teams in diverse work environments across industries which include construction, transport and hospitality as well as many office based workforces.

The SuperWellness Challenge, first delivered to Kuoni’s head office in 2014, is our flagship programme. Tried and tested again and again, it’s been a formula for success ever since, thanks to a carefully designed combination of ingredients:

  • A fun competitive element for engagement
  • Powerful evidence based content
  • A proven behaviour change model and coaching approach
  • Results measurement, both for employees and employers

Employee wellbeing programmes for construction workers

We’ve built on this foundation, in response to demand from our clients. It made sense to create wellbeing programmes aimed at leadership level, in order to truly promote a culture of wellbeing across the organisation.

A natural development has also been to provide cost-effective employee wellbeing programmes for large teams and remote workers, through e-learning and our wellbeing app.

We are adding to our menu of workshops on an ongoing basis and have introduced SuperMind, a programme of 9 workshops focusing on mental wellbeing with a unique focus on nutrition.

And finally, if you have a specific requirement, please get in touch. We are always happy to design unique wellbeing solutions for corporate events as well as catering environments.

An effective employee wellbeing programme should be at the core of how an organisation fulfils its mission and carries out its operations and not consist of one off initiatives. It’s about changing the way business is done.

CIPD, 2016

Employee Wellbeing Programmes To Suit Your Needs

Health screening

Health Screening

Body Composition
Arterial Health

Wellbeing days

Wellbeing Days & Roadshows

Drop in Consultations
Recipe Cards

Nutrition seminars

Seminars Touch & Taste Workshops


Wellbeing programmes


SuperWellness Challenge
Leadership Programmes

Catering consultancy

Catering Consultancy

Healthy Menu
Vegetarian Options
Allergies & Intolerances

Why Are We Different?

  • Measurable results – we track and report on the success of our wellbeing programmes
  • Engaging content – captivating wellbeing seminars by subject matter experts, explaining the ‘why’ with scientifically backed information
  • Programmes geared for practical implementation, already tried and tested in a corporate setting
  • ‘Done for you’ – we help you maximise engagement by managing promotion and bookings
  • ‘Wellbeing meets team building’ –create a ‘buzz and boost motivation, with a competitive and playful approach
  • Standardised approach, curated by a team of qualified health professionals to deliver accuracy and consistency
  • Tailor made programmes – we fit around your culture and logistical requirements

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