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What your employees eat at lunchtime can have a direct influence on performance for the rest of the day.

SuperWellness works with contract caterers to optimise their menu, resulting in better employee wellness as well as increased customer satisfaction and revenue for your catering supplier. We also collaborate with food manufacturers and suppliers on the development and marketing of food products.

Healthy Menu Planning and Recipe Development

Healthy eating guidelines are constantly evolving and offering a truly healthy menu can sometimes seem like a minefield. We can work with you to develop contemporary nutritious recipes which are truly beneficial, not based on tired and outdated (but unfortunately widespread) nutritional myths!

It’s these myths which sadly often lead to the conclusion that ‘healthy food’ doesn’t sell well. As unappetising low calorie, low fat options are all too often equated with ‘healthy’ food, it’s hardly surprising! We love introducing our catering consultancy clients to a new approach to healthful cuisine, including ‘surprisingly healthy’ cakes and treats and tasty nutritious mains.

Seasonal Health Themes

We will work with your contract caterer to theme your menu according to relevant health campaigns throughout the year. For example, we can advise on a ‘food for the brain’ menu or special options for Diabetes Awareness Week. These healthy options in the restaurant can be reinforced by health talks or screenings held at the same time.

Nutritional Analysis

We will work with you to add nutritional information and allergen data to your menu.

Specific Dietary Needs

We will help you develop menu options to suit everyone, from vegan to paleo. Now that 1 in 12 people in the UK embrace a vegetarian diet, there is a clear opportunity to offer exciting and varied options which are also nutritionally optimal to this growing group of consumers. Special dietary requirements we offer catering consultancy for include:

  • Vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Allergen free diets
  • Gluten free options
  • Dairy free options
  • Low sugar options

Healthy Food Development and Marketing

Get in touch for advice regarding the development of nutritionally beneficial products. We can provide a brand ambassador service as well as nutritional consultancy with approved products.

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