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We pride ourselves on the high standard of our wellbeing seminars and workshops, covering a wide range of topics in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Delivered with passion by our team. Designed to inspire action and results for yours.

Our workshops receive amazing feedback because we focus on:

  • Evidence based, eye opening knowledge
  • A practical approach to the realities of working life
  • Friendly, supportive, down to earth interaction from our facilitators

Here are the current topics we cover:


S: Seminar     T: Testing     W: Workshop (up to 12)      1-1: Individual Consultations

Healthy Metabolism: Weight/Energy
Body Composition TestingT
The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective PeopleS
The Sugar Freedom PlanS
The Sugar Freedom PlanW
Top Tips for a Good Night's SleepS
Lose Weight & Gain EnergyS
Ready for Summer: Lean Bpdy, Glowing Skin, Vibrant EnergyS
Detox & Re-EnergiseS
Specific Health Focus: Diabetes, Digestion, Allergies, Cancer
10 Steps to a Healthy DigestionS
Food Allergies & IntolerancesS
Sensitivity Testing – Asyra ProT
Vitamin & Mineral Testing – Asyra ProT
1 in 2: Cancer Prevention: Squeezing the Modifiable Risk FactorsS
Living Beyond Cancer & Supporting RemissionS
Just Diagnosed & In Cancer Treatment Consultations1-1
Take Heart: 5 Measures That Will Reduce Cardiovascular Risk NowS
Arterial Health & Biological Age AssessmentT
Preventing Back Pain & RSIS
Living Longer & BetterS
Personalising Health: An Introduction to Our GenesS
Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing
Food for the MindS
Neurotransmitter Imbalances - Asyra ProT
Stress Buster (Part1): What is Stress & How to Manage it Through Diet & Lifestyle S
Stress Buster (Part 2): How to Combat Stress, Rewire Your Brain and Side-step Adrenal BurnoutS
Techniques for de-stressing Mind & BodyS
Take a Break! S
Digital Detox: Protect Yourself From the Negative Effects of TechnologyS
Creating a Better Work-Life BalanceS
Mindfulness, Meditation & VisualisationS
Energy AwarenessS
Emotions = Energy in MotionS
Practical Strategies
Frequent Flyer StrategiesS
Snacks ‘Touch & Taste’W
Quick Easy Tasty Mains ‘Touch & Taste’W
Breakfast ‘Touch & Taste’W
Smart Routines for Shift WorkersW
Healthy Meal Planning on a BudgetW
Fitness / Sports Nutrition
Exercise: Start Thriving, Not Just SurvivingS
Design Your Smart Fitness PlanW
Design Your Optimal Nutrition Plan for FitnessS
Office Olympics W

NEW WORKSHOP: Shrinkology at Work

Support your employees to banish emotional eating, regain control, perform at their best.

When it comes to healthy eating habits, being at work can really test our resolve. From the lure of the vending machine around 11am to team ‘treats’, food offers a quick reward, boredom relief or comfort when under pressure.

Why it matters

Not only does emotional eating increase health risks (especially for those who sit for many hours, day in, day out), it hugely affects mental wellbeing as well. The internal battle is massively distracting, not to mention the guilty feelings that follow. 

We’ve teamed up with psychologist Dr Meg Arroll to launch The Shrinkology at Work workshop. 

Dr Meg is the co-author of The Shrinkology Solution and appears regularly on radio, TV and in the press to share her insights on health and behaviour change. In this workshop, Dr Meg will guide your employees to:

  • Identify their health personality with the Shrinkology quiz
  • Discuss pitfalls and solutions for work-related situations
  • Design their Shrinkology plan of action

Dr Meg Arroll

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