This is one of my favourite salads to prepare when I’m working from home, because it’s so nice when the beans are still warm. It would still lend itself very well to a packed lunch you take to work as well.

As a salad, it has enough substance to sustain you through the afternoon (so many people I meet have a ‘light’ salad at work and then feel mysteriously drawn to the snack machine later – no mystery there really!) and as it dawned on me this week while preparing a presentation called ‘Food for the Mind’, it is also the perfect mood boosting, relaxation promoting, neuron friendly combination of ingredients you could put together.

Feelgood Salad

Both green leaves and butter beans are excellent sources of magnesium, a mineral which helps us feel relaxed and better handle stress, by supporting nerve signalling and the making of ‘happy’ brain chemical serotonin. Olives and olive oil contain oleic acid, a type of fat which makes up most of our myelin sheath, our neurons’ protective covering.

Pumpkin seeds are a handy source of omega 3 fats, known for improving mood and helping brain chemicals to do their job. Like most seeds, they also provide zinc, a natural anti-depressant, which most people lack nowadays.

And of course, with a good variety of protein foods from different sources (beans, seeds and feta cheese) and slow burning carbohydrates, you’ll be supplying your brain

Download your recipe card here: Feelgood Salad