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If you care about and are responsible for employee wellbeing in your workplace, you might be a senior or line manager, or perhaps you work in Human Resources. Maybe your role is in Occupational Health or in the Health & Safety sector. Wherever you work within your organisation, our highly trained and experienced team of experts at SuperWellness is here to support you and we’d like to start by offering you a range of free resources to help you and your colleagues.

As a welcome we will send you an email with links to our free health and wellbeing posters and other useful resources for your employees. They are a great way to start the conversation around workplace nutrition.

  • The SuperWellness Wellbeing Calendar, containing key health campaign dates and seasonal recipes
  • Your pack of 6 SuperWellness Workplace Posters: ‘Get the Feel-Good Factor’, ‘Sugar Craving Busting Tips’, ’10 Steps to a Healthy Digestion’, ‘Top Nutrition Tips for Healthy Bones, Joints and Soft Tissue’. ‘Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep’ and the ‘Nutrition-centred Wellbeing in Numbers’ Infographic.
  • In addition you will also receive brand new free SuperWellness health and wellbeing posters each month, see examples below.

All of the posters will be sent to you as printable high resolution pdf files. Many employers print them in A4 or A3 and display them where they will easily be seen across the workplace, on notice boards and in staff kitchens. They also work very well electronically, as part of your wellbeing newsletter or company bulletin. Here are some examples of the FREE monthly nutrition posters you’ll receive:

Healthy weight loss poster
wellbeing poster on longevity
wellbeing poster on hydration
wellbeing poster on mood foods
Nutrition posters

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