Building health and immune resilience as we leave lockdown

Increasingly science is emerging showing the close connection between diet and lifestyle habits and our immune resilience. 

  • We know that metabolic conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes play a significant role in our recovery.
  • Recent studies have shown fascinating links between the micronutrients such as Vitamin D, Selenium and others and our immune response.
  • We are also increasingly aware of the role of inflammation in long-term outcomes of diseases such as Covid-19.

The good news is that a significant proportion of these risk factors can be addressed through diet and lifestyle habits to increase our health and immune resilience.

Conditioning is something we do in preparation for a sports challenge or for surgery to increase the chances of a good outcome. These times call for a new type of conditioning: using diet and lifestyle to improve general health and immune resilience as a positive step towards boosting protection for ourselves and our employees.

Discovery Session

This introductory webinar provides a taster of the key links between our diet and lifestyle habits and general health and immune resilience. For each section of the presentation, we outline two of the most powerful habits for participants to take away from the session.

  • Metabolic conditioning and how to balance our meals
  • Immune conditioning, including the latest research into nutrients and the role of gut health
  • Anti-inflammatory conditioning: what to eliminate and what to increase
  • Mental conditioning: the impact of stress and sleep
  • We introduce the programme in detail and invite participants to apply

The health conditioning programme: structure

The programme includes a series of 12 weekly bite-sized modules, each including a video recording and downloadable resources.

  • Metabolic conditioning: how to boost our metabolism to support our health and immunity, including practical meal planning and exercise goals.
  • Immune conditioning: how our immune system works, the key nutrients, herbs and foods that support it, the role of gut health and other influences.
  • Anti-inflammatory conditioning: what is inflammation, its role in long-term health and what it means in terms of foods and diet.
  • Mental conditioning: how stress and mental wellbeing influence our general resilience, what are the feel-good foods to include.
  • Recovery and sleep: why sleep and rest are important and key nutrition and lifestyle habits to practise.

In addition to the e-learning programme, we also offer interactive group coaching sessions to support participants throughout the programme.

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