#SuperMondays, the new Twitter chat dedicated to Wellbeing

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 13th March, we will be holding regular Twitter chats using the hashtag #SuperMondays. At SuperWellness, we are passionate about wellbeing and nutrition and we would like to share this passion with other health and wellbeing specialists and anyone with a keen interest in that area.

Twitter chats provide a chance to network, connect with like-minded people and grow knowledge through shared interests. Through our #SuperMondays, we wish to create a wellness community where we aim to share wellness tips and ideas on how to make Mondays amazing, both at work and at home, through healthy eating, healthy cooking, mindfulness, exercise, fun, relaxation, etc….

Join the first #SuperMondays on 13th March at 8pm GMT

The first #SuperMondays chat will be about healthy breakfasts. It will take place on Monday 13th March, from 8pm – 9pm GMT. All you need to join is a Twitter account.

How it works

For an hour starting at 8pm GMT, SuperWellness will tweet questions from @SocioWellBeing. You can then respond to these questions by including #SuperMondays in your tweets.

You will be able to follow the discussion by doing a Twitter search for the hashtag. This works whether on the website or in an app. If you ever get lost, just pay the SuperWellness Twitter account a visit.

Each question will be numbered Q1, Q2, etc, so when you respond, you should include the number in your answer. E.g.

A2 This my answer to question 2. #SuperMondays

You’re also encouraged to reply to other people’s tweets, and when we have guest contributors, they will be joining in too.

SuperWellness will retweet some of the most interesting contributions, and generally help to facilitate the conversation. We will create an archive of the discussion and share it after the event.

What should you do now

Simply put the time and date in your diary! And let us know if you are going to take part by using the hashtag #SuperMondays. Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested. The more people who take part, the more interesting it will get.