Online Workplace Wellbeing Resources

Toolbox Videos

Offer your employees unlimited access to these high quality, professionally produced short videos. Engaging and packed and with great content! See our sample videos on the right.

Foundations of healthy eating at work - 5 videos

Includes the SuperWellness Workbook

  • Balancing blood sugars
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Water

Food for the Mind | Nutrition for mental wellbeing - 6 videos

  • Introduction to nutrition for mental wellbeing
  • Happy not Hangry
  • Feel-good nutrients
  • It’s a gut feeling
  • Lifestyle & breathing exercise
  • What does a good day look like?

Downloadable pdf infographics

Colourful and detailed infographics pdfs making the most up to date, evidence-based health related knowledge accessible. Just £25 each.

The Monthly Plan Programme

Promote wellbeing and nutrition to your employees on a regular basis, following global and national health campaigns. Includes:

  • A new wellbeing poster each month
  • Two seasonal recipes (including one vegan or vegetarian recipe)
  • A wellbeing article to include in your staff newsletter or post on your intranet
  • A fascinating recorded webinar 
“We are using the Monthly Plan to structure wellness events for police officers at the stations. It offers really clear advice that can be adapted with different shift patterns and family commitments. It helps LPF Trusts to support all of their members towards their wellness objectives and look at their needs holistically.”

Hannah Williams, Medical Scheme Nurse, LPF Trusts.

10% of sales from the Monthly Plan will be donated to FareShare in support of its mission to fight hunger and tackle food waste.

For more information visit the FareShare Website

Online wellbeing resources for health campaigns throughout the year

Choose your plan to start benefitting from the programme today: the content will be emailed to you immediately for the current month, then on the 1st of each month. No minimum subscription, you can cancel any time by emailing

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