Sick of bleary eyed mornings?

It takes just one bad night’s sleep to wreak havoc with your hunger levels, your thinking and your mood. Imagine the devastating effects which sleep deprivation could be having on your health and wellbeing in the long term: accelerating ageing and weight gain, stealthily undermining your performance at work… stealing away the full and rewarding life you deserve.

You could decide to cut out tea and coffee…

… go to bed at 10pm, exercise every day, start meditating, fine tune your diet, but how do you know all your efforts will really pay off? The truth is you don’t, because generic advice is not necessarily right for you. This is where a new personalised approach is called for.

Or you could simply decode your sleep genotype

By understanding your genetic tendencies (‘keys’) MySleepCode helps you identify and prioritise the steps that are most likely to work for you. MySleepCode isn’t just a genetic test though. Whereas other genetic test reports are often limited to results and fail to shed light on the ‘so what?’, MySleepCode explains your findings, and recommended lifestyle steps in a user friendly way. So you can get started with the most effective steps straight away.

MySleepCode examines the 6 essential mechanisms which underpin sleep quality:

Is your body clock key an ‘early bird’ or a ‘night owl’? You’ll be able to schedule the sleep times which suit you best.

Do you have a ‘stimulant sensitive’ key? Cutting back on tea and coffee may be worth the effort, whereas a ‘stimulant tolerant’ key may mean ditching your favourite brew is not a top priority.

Are you a ‘Reactor’? you will be more likely to experience nightmares or disrupted sleep from an over-responsive immune system and there are certain types of food you’d do well to avoid.

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A personalised diet and lifestyle prescription guided by your DNA profile.


DNA test, personalised report, 80 page Diet & Lifestyle Guide (pdf), plus 50 min consultation