SuperWellness Challenge

“The SuperWellness Challenge is a lifestyle change programme over a minimum 3 month period. It has been proven over and over to deliver measurable results in terms of biometric data and standardised health & wellbeing questionnaires, as well as employer measures such as sickness absence. This tried and tested format is tailored to each work environment and has been implemented successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure and media.”

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The SuperWellness Challenge

The SuperWellness Challenge

A 5 month nutrition & wellbeing programme which has been shown to deliver measurable results in terms of health & wellbeing scores, sickness absence and engagement. This high quality bespoke approach has been tried and tested successfully across industries such as transport, construction, hospitality, leisure and media. It includes 4 phases, which allow us to tailor each step for the best results: 

The Challenge

Following your Discovery Session, the Challenge takes place over three months and is designed to support participants to create long term healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Combining nutritional and health knowledge with gamification and behaviour change coaching has proved a winning formula to achieve this.

  • Up to 12 participants per team with no limit on numbers of teams
  • The structure for each month includes:
    • An interactive webinar on a different subject each month (some of our most popular topics include: ‘How to Lose Weight and Gain Energy’, ’10 Steps to a Healthy Digestion’, ‘Food for the Mind (how to fight stress and feel great)’
    • Progress sessions mid-month to keep participants motivated
  • Promotion and communications between sessions
Final Measurement & Reporting

Measurement is one of the key success factors of the Challenge.

A standardised questionnaire is used at the start and close of the programme to provide data concerning:

  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Alcohol & Smoking
  • Physical Activity
  • Mental Health
  • Perception of Work Environment and Culture

Our nutritionists gather final data at the end of the third Challenge month and provide participants with support to continue the journey after the Challenge.

We recommend planning a maintenance programme to provide ongoing accountability and support to maintain the benefits beyond the programme.

This is an amazing programme that is both educational and fun to participate in. At AmcoGiffen we take the wellbeing of our employees seriously, we have had some great results and the feedback from our employees has been fantastic. This is so well worth the investment. [READ THE CASE STUDY]

Shirley Haines

HR Director, AmcoGiffen

Nutrition is part of our wider health and wellbeing strategy and it goes hand in hand with our board commitments to lead the industry and [set] standards for best practice in health and wellbeing. We operate in a highly regulated industry where we’re constantly focusing on safety and compliance, so it’s essential that our people are fit and healthy and able to take [on] the work they’re required to do. On the other hand, we believe encouraging our people to take ownership for their own health through initiatives such as [the] SuperWellness challenge empowers them to make healthier choices in their own life. [READ THE CASE STUDY]

Amanda Miller

Head of HR, Fleet, P&O Ferries

“The programme was a fantastic investment to make; centring on nutrition and fitness, stress and sleep, we really saw a difference in the team’s productivity, happiness and overall health. Furthermore, the group challenges created healthy competition and brought our teams and departments closer together.

On the back of the programme we have seen the launch of a Stafford running club, as well as the team eating much more healthily in the staff dining room.” [READ THE CASE STUDY]

Stuart Procter

General Manager, The Stafford London

“As a workplace food service specialist, we feel we have a duty to our clients to provide food that is healthy as well as tasty. It’s something we take seriously, hence investing in [this programme] for the benefit of our own staff, as well as our clients. On a personal note, I am sure the programme has helped extend my life and hopefully I will continue to lead it in a healthier, more mindful way.” [READ THE CASE STUDY]

Brian Allanson

Chief Executive Officer, Blue Apple

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“We have had fantastic feedback from our employees regarding SuperWellness and we look forward to working further with them in the future.”

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