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How to join our Wellbeing Champions programme

We believe that in order to survive and flourish, organisations of the future will have health and wellbeing at their heart. Not just to support employees facing ever-growing challenges but also because a healthy thriving workforce is key to unleashing an organisation’s full potential.

So how can you embed wellbeing within your organisation’s culture? How do you go about building resilience, empowering leadership and improving performance in a way that’s lasting and effective?

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We’ve created the SuperChamps programme with the sole purpose of helping you to unlock the health and wellbeing potential that exists within your organisation.

You may already have a network of wellbeing champions in your workplace, but need to recruit, develop, support and motivate them in a more sustained way. Or perhaps you don’t have one in place yet. Either way you most probably have talented individuals on your payroll who are passionate about health and wellbeing. A force from within that can help you move the dial and create a culture shift towards better wellbeing.

SuperChamps helps you actively nurture the wellbeing champions at the heart of your organisation, by providing unlimited access to a community of like-minded advocates. It is a complete wellbeing support system that empowers organisations, teams and individuals to develop the unique wellbeing culture that is the best fit for them.

Benefits for your organisation

Join one of our three value-packed programmes and gain unlimited access for your organisation to the SuperChamps programme and its amazing benefits:

  • An exclusive community of like-minded wellbeing advocates from a collection of diverse organisations, sharing tried and tested best practice and knowledge
  • Regular training webinars on practical topics, from ‘how to set up your employee running club’ to building a 12-month campaign plan for your organisation
  • Year-round seasonal health campaign tools and resources to choose from (including our library of 40 free wellbeing posters – and counting) covering topics from stress management to healthy eating motivation
Wellbeing champions programme

Would you like to be a part of our next SuperChamps intake?


Are you a wellbeing lead for your organisation, or a wellbeing champion with an executive sponsor? We are offering 3 programme options open to a maximum of 5 organisations each for our intakes. Let us know you’re interested in applying to join one of them by leaving your details here today and we’ll be in touch with the next steps.


Key dates for our next intake:

  1. 21st Sept 2021: Applications deadline
  2. 24th Sept 2021: Successful applicants announced
  3. 13th Oct 2021: Official programme start and welcome webinar


I’d like to register my interest 

We will be in touch with details to apply and any future programme dates

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Choose from 3 programme options:

Each programme option will be open to a maximum of 5 organisations for our June launch. We’ll ask you to choose your preferred option within the application. If your application is successful, we will invoice the full annual programme fee for your organisation at the start of the programme. All prices exclude VAT

Who can apply?

Applications are open to you if you are:

  • A wellbeing champion already within your organisation and would be able to obtain executive sponsorship for joining the programme
  • A member of the wellbeing team (e.g. HR, Health & Safety, or wellbeing lead) or a senior manager looking to recruit a team of wellbeing champions or support your existing champions network.

What are the key benefits of joining?

As a wellbeing champion, it can feel like a significant responsibility to advocate for wellbeing in your organisation, often with limited resources and on top of the day job! SuperChamps is here to lighten the load and channel in one place a wealth of resources and knowledge that serves the community and fosters collaboration across organisations:

  • Networking with a community of like-minded wellbeing advocates from different organisations, sharing tried and tested best practice and knowledge
  • Regular training webinars on practical topics, from ‘how to set up your employee running club’ to building a 12-month campaign plan for your organisation
  • Year-round seasonal health campaign tools and resources to choose from (including our library of 40 free wellbeing posters – and counting) covering topics from stress management to healthy eating motivation.

What is the selection process?

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be evaluated by our panel of lead champions (Amanda, Angela, Julie, Lucille, Nicky and John). They will be looking out for the attributes and enthusiasm required to ensure that successful candidates are a good fit for the role of champion.

All applicants will be notified regarding whether they have been accepted onto the programme or not. If you are successful, we will get in touch with you to confirm your chosen programme option and get you booked onto our system. As soon as your programme is confirmed, you’ll be able to access our private LinkedIn group and start networking with fellow members.

Why is there a limit on numbers of organisations who can take part?

We anticipate a lot of interest for each intake and want to ensure that the support we provide is of the highest quality. Our aim is to create a close-knit community of active members who support our mission. Our lead wellbeing champions team currently has the capacity to comfortably support up to 15 new member organisations.

Is there a cost to join?

We’ve packaged SuperChamps membership with our wellbeing services in a way that offers substantial added value to organisations already investing in wellbeing. The added investment of joining SuperChamps is marginal and our reason for offering such a high amount of value within the package is to create a win-win with our clients, helping you to build awareness of the benefits of wellbeing within your organisation.

We want to open the programme to a wide range of organisations across all sectors and sizes, which is why we offer access starting from just £2000+VAT for a full year, including our live webinars tailored to your organisation.

Will there be opportunities to apply again in future?

Our June intake will mark the launch of Superchamps and we expect to schedule several intakes per year in future. We’ll be announcing future dates later this year and any organisations on our waiting list will be offered priority access on the next intake.

What types of organisation is SuperChamps open to?

SuperChamps is open to all organisations from a minimum of 30 employees. Our aim is to cross fertilise ideas and approaches across sectors and organisations of different types, from SMEs to large corporates as well as public sector organisations.

An essential requirement is to have senior level support for the wellbeing strategy, with at least one executive sponsor for the organisation taking part in the programme.

How many wellbeing champions would you recommend based on the size of our organisation?

On average we recommend 1 champion per 30 employees however the ideal number will vary depending on the size of your organisation and the number of locations. It’s a good idea to have at least one champion per location, even if they will be supporting only a small local team.

What is the role of a wellbeing champion and what are you looking for in a SuperChamp?

The purpose of the champion role is to help implement and support the organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy through raising awareness of wellbeing activities, promoting healthy lifestyles and positive mental health. Employees may have different barriers to accessing wellbeing programmes. They may not be aware of what’s accessible to them or have reservations about whether it’s relevant for them. Sometimes they feel resistance in the form of fear or other negative emotions in relation to their health. Wellbeing champions play a key part in addressing these barriers, through conversations as well as leading and inspiring by example.

Another important role of the champion is to listen to employees’ input and feedback and relay this information to the wellbeing leadership to help shape future programmes.

The key qualities we are looking for in our SuperChamps are as follows:

  • Strong enthusiasm for health and wellbeing
  • Good communicators and listeners
  • Keen to make a difference and benefit colleagues
  • Proactive approach, ready to embrace new ideas
  • Keen to learn and share knowledge within the community

Is the programme open to members of the wellbeing team (e.g. HR) who are not specifically health champions?

Yes. We encourage anyone who is accountable for the organisation’s wellbeing programme to apply, whether you are a wellbeing lead within HR, occupational health, or a nominated group such as the company’s Health & Wellbeing group or Health and Safety group.

We don’t currently have wellbeing champions in place. How should we go about setting this up in our organisation?

  1. Before applying, you’ll need to secure senior leadership buy-in. This will ensure champions receive the support they need (including some time allowance) to carry out their role
  2. Speak to your wellbeing group (or group accountable for wellbeing in your organisation) about the programme and work with them to invite further wellbeing champions to apply
  3. Our SuperChamps team of experts will select your team of champions from the applications submitted
  4. Identify a SuperChamps Coordinator – a peer who can take responsibility for coordinating peer support, companywide activities and promotions, and feed back to the relevant groups.
  5. Promote your SuperChamps team internally: make sure the names and faces of SuperChamps are known by managers and colleagues and communicate their role
  6. Internally your SuperChamps team may want to meet on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) to plan ahead, in addition to networking with the whole SuperChamps community

Once I’ve joined, how long does the membership last?

Whichever programme you choose, you’ll receive 12 months SuperChamps membership included. At the end of the 12 months, you’ll have the option to renew your membership through any of the programmes on offer (with the option to switch programmes).

What is the main difference between the programme options and how can I choose the best one for my organisation?

We’ve packaged Superchamps membership with different bundles of wellbeing services. Our Inspire package includes 4 wellbeing webinars on the topics of your choice, which could be planned quarterly to help create a buzz and energise your wellbeing programme.

The Engage programme provides you with a regular drip-feed of events and content throughout the year, including the option of running a Challenge programme which helps to engage a wide range of employees with different wellbeing interests.

Our most comprehensive programme is Transform, which includes a wellbeing challenge as well as monthly webinars throughout the year. The monthly content is also included with this programme, with the added benefit of being able to choose from 3 topics each month.

In each case, you can choose to add further webinars or activities at any time during the year.

Will we receive tailored support through SuperChamps, for example when it comes to putting in place our wellbeing strategy and creating our own branded programme?

SuperChamps is here to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide a wealth of resources to help ignite your organisation’s wellbeing strategy. Speak to us if you require more tailored support, whether it’s initial help with planning your wellbeing strategy for the year ahead, acting as a lead champion for an initial period to ensure the team feels confident in their roles, or support with communications and branding for your programme. We’ll be able to provide you with a suggested outline and costings to meet your requirements.

Meet Your SuperChamps Support Team


Angela Steel

Angela SteelAngela founded SuperWellness 10 years ago and launched her first workplace wellbeing programme in 2014.

Having worked with close to 200 organisations, Angela understands first hand, the challenges of embedding wellbeing within an organisation, securing budgets, buy-in at all levels, as well as engagement and meaningful impact for employees, across age groups, genders and occupation.

Angela and Amanda created the concept of SuperChamps together, as a result of many conversations about how to embed wellbeing as a meaningful and dynamic part of business.



Amanda Swann

Amanda SwannAmanda is a key contributor of our SuperChamps concept and her involvement adds valuable best practice and a pragmatic approach.

Amanda’s previous experience includes working within corporate businesses and most recently for the insurer, Vitality Health. Amanda led the Vitality At Work team to provide organisational health programmes and create health-driven cultures by encouraging senior leadership to sponsor the appointment of health advocates to drive engagement, promote health interventions and signpost support for employees.

Julie Weston

Julie WestonAs SuperWellness’s Head of Wellbeing and Nutrition, Julie works closely with our clients to ensure our content and programmes are closely aligned with their requirements. Julie regularly updates and fine-tunes our ever-evolving workshops to bring them up to date with the latest research and context.

A significant part of Julie’s role is presenting our workshops and programmes, which means her finger is on the pulse when it comes to engaging workplace audiences. Julie will be sharing her hands-on experience and knowledge within the SuperChamps community together with exchanging ideas as new wellbeing trends develop.

Nicky Rapley

Nicky RapleyNicky is our lead wellbeing champion in chief, who will be actively moderating our LinkedIn community and shaping our seasonal wellbeing resource packs.

Following 3 decades as a creative and project manager within the media and events industries, Nicky is fully aware of the stressors, demands and difficulties of a high paced, time poor environment. A major health crash led Nicky to become a certified nutritionist and now she’s on a mission to empower busy professionals to support their mental and physical wellbeing.

The SuperChamps programme offers the perfect platform for her to share her wide skill base and love of supporting a like-minded community.

Lucille Bleekers

Lucille BleekersWith 4 years of expertise leading our wellbeing programmes, Lucille has led the SuperWellness Challenge with multiple teams and organisational cultures. Lucille will be contributing her wealth of experience around engaging employees and how as SuperChamps you can motivate and engage your colleagues through lasting, positive lifestyle changes.

John Hobbs

John HobbsIn a dual role as a client consultant and a director of SuperWellness for several years, John works closely with clients on a daily basis, helping them to project manage their wellbeing activities for maximum impact and success. John is on hand to help with any queries relating to booking wellbeing activities such as webinars.

Videos Interviews

Amanda chats to Nicky about the role of the wellbeing champion and her top tips for success in engaging colleagues around wellbeing

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