Introducing SuperWellness associate Magdalena Wronska. We ask her all sorts of things from why she turned her interest in food science into a nutritional therapy career to her love for Back to the Future!

Could you tell us a little bit about your background before becoming a nutrition professional?

I have been working as a Lecturer in higher education for nearly 12 years now, and that’s it really… Most of my life I spent in a classroom or reading books. I used to teach business related subjects but even now, after becoming a Nutritional Therapist I still teach on a nutritional degree programmes (I just can’t stop being a teacher).

How did you come to be interested in nutrition and go on to study for your qualification?

I always loved food and cooking. When I was a child my mum used to treat my flu with lemon and ginger and when I was a university student I used to treat my hangover with a home made chicken soup. I believe you can see both family tradition and natural-born talent in using home made nutritional remedies 😉 But to be completely serious when doing my first MSc my favourite subjects were food and science related so I knew I want to learn more.

What do you love most about your job now?

Being able to change people’s life and the fact that every day is different. You get to do so many things and meet so many great people.

What is your favourite film (or films)?

Back to the Future – the best movie ever.

What dish would you serve at a dinner party?

I have no idea but… there will be loads of herbs and spices, loads of colour and a variety of textures.

What’s your most frequently used phrase or expression?

Yes… and no… I always argue and never fully comply or agree.

How would your loved ones and friends sum you up in 3 words?

Committed, reliable and honest


What’s your favourite smell?

Lilac and lily of the valley

Are you reading a book at the moment? If so which?

Yes, I read a book about females in gangs and mafia around the world.

What’s your favourite animal?

Ohhh that’s a hard choice. I love dogs…. and cats and elephants and giraffes and rabbits and tigers and gorillas … should I keep going? I am a massive animal lover.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Iceland – no doubt about it. I love everything about this place – nature, people, cold and snow too.

What is most important to you in life?

Family, love, health and happiness

Storms – cool or scary? Scary …

Beach or poolside? Mountains

Are you planning to provide a nutrition-centred wellbeing programme for your organisation?

Magdalena has a special interest in the optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches to mental health, including anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, learning and behavioural problems and different neurological conditions. To work with Magdalena or find out more about the employee wellbeing programmes we run at SuperWellness, please get in touch today!

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