Health Screening


A tried and tested way to engage, measure and motivate, our health screenings can provide a powerful eye opener to employees, coupled with expert tailored advice they’ll feel motivated to follow.

These include:

Body Composition Testing

Using professional Tanita bio-impedance scales, we provide individual reports on body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age. Each test takes 1 minute to perform and can be accompanied by a 5 minute mini consultation providing tailored tips and advice to each individual. Ideal for raising awareness and achieving buy-in from your team into joining a wellbeing programme. Most people are fascinated by their metabolic age and the word soon spreads to often form long queues at our drop in events! (we normally recommend pre-booked slots)

Parameters Measured

Weight and BMI

Fat Mass and %

Muscle Mass

Metabolic Age

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Visceral Fat

Arterial Health and Biological Age Assessment

Our specialists have worked with thousands of employees across the UK, helping them become more aware of the health of their arteries and motivating them to make lifestyle changes accordingly!

We use a Class II Medical Equipment classified device which is compliant with international controls and is extremely accurate. The device determines the condition of main arteries by measuring their elasticity, and tests for large artery stiffness, a key indicator of cardiovascular risk

Each person receives a detailed report immediately with charts and data explaining their arterial health and biological age results. We coach them on practical goals towards diet and lifestyle changes, and inspire them with healthy recipes. Depending on the seriousness of the arterial health results the tests are recommended to be repeated either on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Seeing these markers improve can be extremely inspiring for individuals as well as at team level.

SuperWellness arterial age testing

Parameters Measured

Heart rate

Biological age (‘arterial age’)

Stiffness index

Oxygen level

Vitamin & Mineral Testing

This session is a great way to follow the ‘Food for the Brain’ talk as specific nutrients will have been highlighted, such as zinc, magnesium and essential fats. Their roles in preventing problems with concentration, memory, depression and other mental health issues will have been explained so attendees would be keen to find out their nutrient status!

Our practitioner uses a bio-energetic health screening system which has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Testing is pain free and non-invasive and can be performed in less than 3 minutes.

A detailed report is produced which will be explained to the individual by the practitioner. Handouts will be provided explaining how to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including food lists and recipes.

Parameters measured

Vitamin and mineral status

Fatty acid status

Resilience and Performance Programme

Team members wear a device for 3 days, which measures heart rate variability, showing patterns throughout the day and the night. From this we produce a personalised report mapping stress patterns to daily activities, and rating exercise efficiency. The programme includes:

  • Energy and Performance Profiler at the start and finish of the programme
  • 3 hour workshop covering key aspects of performance in a practical way
  • Individual feedback consultations
  • Weekly blog content
SuperWellness resilience and performance programmes

Parameters Measured

Stress and Recovery

Energy and Sleep

Activity and Exercise


Food Intolerance Testing

It’s estimated that up to 45% of the population have an intolerance to at least one type of food.  A food IgG-led elimination diet, combined with nutritional support, could be used to help improve the way you feel. Using a simple finger prick test, your results can be ready in as little as 10 days.

SuperWellness resilience and performance programmes

Parameters Measured

Food & Drink 158 ingredients

Genetic Testing – MySleepCode

By understanding your genetic tendencies MySleepCode helps you identify and prioritise the steps that are most likely to work for you. MySleepCode isn’t just a genetic test though. Whereas other genetic test reports are often limited to results and fail to shed light on the ‘so what?’, MySleepCode explains your findings, and recommended lifestyle steps in a user friendly way. So you can get started with the most effective steps straight away. Click on this link for full details.


SuperWellness resilience and performance programmes

Parameters Measured

Tests for 18 gene variants across 6 areas:

  • Body Clock
  • Digestive Health
  • Stress & Resilience
  • Stimulant Response
  • Allergy and Immunity
  • Appetite & Blood Sugar Balance

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