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Are you serious about integrating wellbeing within your organisation?

We’ve found that the most effective approach to employee wellbeing is not a one-off occasion but a drip feed of relevant and engaging information throughout the year. Our no-obligation planning consultation can help you create an environment where wellbeing thrives, and so will your employees.

The wellbeing audit is a simple questionnaire which we fill in with you. It looks at specific aspects of your organisation and how this could impact your employees’ health and wellbeing. For example:

  • shift patterns, particularly night work
  • sitting periods
  • age information
  • typical stress load

If practical, we can also complement this with an employee wellbeing survey, which we can implement for you.

We’ll then produce an evaluation report, which will allow us to map these areas to our topic matrix and identify an activity plan to fill any gaps.

This activity plan can then be mapped to year round health campaigns to highlight the best times to schedule them in.

Finally we produce a recommendations report for your organisation.

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