Book your team onto our exclusive 4 Day Recharge Retreat in Valencia, Spain. Designed to optimise sleep and vitality.

Who is the retreat for?

Teams of up to 12 individuals, such as executive or specialist teams, who would benefit from a break and recharge from the pressures of work. The chance to focus on personal wellbeing and strengthen team spirit in a fresh context will have a profound beneficial impact on your organisation’s culture and long term results.

The details

Your team will get to enjoy luxury accommodation and outstanding facilities. including a superb outdoor pool, relaxation area, and your own chefs; this will without doubt be the ideal place to get away, get the creative juices flowing, re-focus on health and return to work feeling amazing and more productive.

Our Recharge Retreat is designed and run by experts in nutrition and fitness who have extensive experience of working with corporate clients and understanding their specific challenges. Our programme will combine education, screening and relaxation in order to achieve the best possible results. We focus in particular on:

  • Strengthening resilience and mental health resources
  • Boosting and maintaining energy
  • Improving sleep

A highlight of this breakthrough corporate retreat includes the chance for your team to get their DNA tested (through a non-invasive saliva test) in order find out how their lifestyle could be affecting their sleep. For example:

  • Is coffee impacting sleep and is it a specific problem to address?
  • Could certain foods and drinks be the source of sleep problems?
  • Personal body clock assessment and sensitivity to jet lag, night shifts or a late bedtime

Location & Programme

Villa La Canada is a spacious and secluded luxury property with extensive grounds, training facilities and outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning, WiFi and Satellite TV.

There will be enough time during your team’s stay to incorporate team meetings, which we will schedule into their itinerary.

Our all-inclusive programme includes:

  • MySleepCode DNA profile test for each team member (performed in advance of the retreat)
  • Nutrigenomics workshop to understand DNA results and implications
  • Daily nutrition talks addressing stress, sleep and blood sugar topics
  • Healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner ~ including mid-morning/afternoon snacks
  • 1-2-1 personalized consultations with a Registered Nutritional Therapist
  • Yoga Classes x 2 sessions
  • Massage x 2 sessions
  • Daily exercise classes
  • Tailor made nutrition and fitness programmes to take back home and into the workplace

You can rest assured, your team will have an amazing experience, come back re-vitalized and re-energized with all the tools they need in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle coupled with improved performance.

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