Nutrition-centred Mental Wellbeing Programme

The body’s biochemistry combined with well-honed behavioural skills are the hardware and software that create optimum mental wellbeing.

The SuperMind programme is designed to upgrade both. It will equip your employees to handle daily challenges more effectively and help create a healthy work culture for all.

With a growing body of research demonstrating its impact, nutrition offers a fresh approach to mental health. Implemented in your workplace, the SuperWellness nutrition-centred mental wellbeing programme delivers clear benefits:

  • The tools to make positive food choices for life
  • A sense of empowerment through practical daily habits
  • Team spirit and bonding

The SuperMind programme is delivered by our highly experienced, relatable and engaging facilitator, whose training combines mental health and nutrition modalities.


The 9 workshops can be booked independently or as part of a structured programme designed to develop your employees throughout the year.

The structured programme approach allows us to track progress and encourage participants to practice the techniques in between sessions to reinforce their benefits. ‘Homework’ includes journaling, buddying up with colleagues and completing 21 day challenges.

The programme includes 9 workshops across three key areas:

  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience
  • Performance

Workshop format

Each 1 hour workshop is rich and diverse in content, and follows a results oriented format, which includes:

  • Key learnings
  • The ‘nutritional nugget’ (practical tips to influence your biochemistry)
  • Introduction to a technique and its practice
  • Discussion & coaching
  • Takeaway practice – committing to a 21 day challenge

Contact us to discuss your requirements, whether you’d like to book a single session or implement the full programme.

For more information about SuperMind workshops download the flyer here…

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