Nutrition & Healthy Metabolism

The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People

An inspiring introduction to nutrition for busy professionals. A wealth of fascinating and up to date science-based facts, and practical steps to make change happen.

Who it’s for:

This workshop is for those who:

  • Struggle with cravings, low energy or mental fatigue
  • Battle to keep weight under control naturally
  • Want to get healthy with food but lack motivation and time

What it covers:

A round-up of the key habits which lead to increased energy, clarity and drive, from the best breakfast options to exercise:

  • Why we get food cravings and how to eliminate them
  • The foods which are known to deplete energy levels and how to avoid them
  • How to turn OFF the ‘fat storing switch’ and prime the metabolism for fat burning and abundant energy

Unique benefits:

This workshop presents a joined-up picture of the connection between diet and exercise and health. Understanding fundamental mechanisms such as blood sugar regulation puts the advice into a context that makes sense, making it that more motivating to implement.

Key outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the mechanisms underlying our metabolism
  • The role of different macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) and the perfect balance to aim for
  • Personal goals and achievable steps to put into practice

What people say:

“Extremely informative and delivered with humour to keep the audience engaged. Highly recommended.” Anon.

‘The instructor was very informative and very proactive; covering a wide range of information and addressing questions before they even arose.’ Ryan G, ERT

‘The presenter was very confident in the topic she was presenting, and presented in really well organised and friendly manner – almost like she was having a general chat with us instead of just talking at us. She was funny, positive and very very easy to listen to. She kept me fully engaged all the way through. Excellent presentation. Absolutely loved it!’ Sarah K, ERT

Frequently Asked Questions

What workshop formats are available?
  • 30-minute taster session (on-site or as a webinar)
  • One-hour session (on-site or as a webinar)
  • Half day workshop & group coaching session (on-site)
How is Body Composition Testing Carried Out?
  • Drop-in session, from 5mins to longer individual consultations (on-site)
  • 30-minute group coaching & Q&A (tests performed in confidence) (on-site)
How can we support our employees in different locations?
  • A webinar recording tailored to your organization
  • Live webinars delivered remotely
  • We allow clients to set up a live video link to our on-site workshops 
What is the booking process?

Once we’ve agreed your choice of workshops and dates, we will send you a booking confirmation. You’ll then receive your promotional email template and online booking facility to help you drive sign-ups. We’ll work closely with you to build engagement and maximise attendance on the day.

What happens after the session?

We will gather feedback from attendees at the end of the session and send you a report. Sessions are followed by additional resources sent by email, including recipes and posters.

Who will be presenting the workshops?

Our workshops are facilitated by qualified nutritionists registered with a professional body such as BANT, CNHC or AfN. Our facilitators have extensive experience of the workplace environment and take a practical, down to earth approach designed to inspire and motivate a corporate audience.

Will the workshop be tailored to our organization?

We work very closely with each of our clients to understand their work culture and objectives. As part of the booking process, we will complete a facilitator brief to include any background information needed to make the content relevant to participants.

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