Angela Steel is interviewed by Nathalie Eleni for Country and Town House Magazine this month. Nathalie asked about her top tips for youthful looking skin.

More tips for healthy skin:

It takes less than a month for each of our skin cells to regenerate and the building blocks come from one place only: the food we eat each day. So providing all the nutrients to build healthy skin cells is a must. And there’s something else too: our skin can be seen as a direct reflection of the health of other mucous membranes in our body – one very important one being our gut lining. So our skin health is sometimes just a clue as to what’s going on deeper inside the body and needs to be heeded (and addressed) rather than hidden.


Skin nutrients and anti-nutrients

To maintain really healthy, vibrant and young looking skin, there are some essential nutrients we need:

  • Good protein (from plants, fish or lean meat) which is needed to form collagen
  • Essential fats (from seeds, oily fish like sardines and salmon), which keep the cell membranes of our skin fluid (and prevent dry skin)
  • Antioxidant rich foods (aim for a ‘rainbow coloured’ plate with fruit and vegetables of many different colours)
  • Zinc to help repair damaged tissues.
  • Lots of water and water containing foods of course to keep your skin well hydrated (aim for at least 1.5 litres per day)

Finally, research has shown that sugar causes a process known as ‘glycation’ which reduces the skin’s plump, elastic qualities, which can result in thinner, more wrinkly skin. Another reason to avoid sugar!

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