The SuperWellness Wellbeing App

Wellbeing App

The SuperWellness app is jam packed full of rich, highly visual, engaging content and interaction that keeps our users coming back again and again.

It works as a standalone wellbeing app or alongside our on-site programmes, multiplying the power of face to face with the 24/7 availability of digital content.

Its aim? To provide your employees with continuous healthy motivation, cost effectively, measurably and regardless of their location.

Wellbeing Calendar

Treat your employees to fresh & exciting content by highlighting seasonal health campaigns, recipes, produce and tips. Your employees opt in to receive:

  • Inspiring monthly update emails and and invitations to take part in our regular themed mini-challenges.
  • Regular notifications


Each month, your employees are invited to take part in a seasonal challenge, running from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Your employees will be invited throughout to post and support each other on the social boards. With easy access to a leaderboard showing individual and team rankings at all times, the challenges are great fun and highly motivating.

Themes include:

  • Rainbow Foods Challenge
  • H2O Challenge
  • Feel Good Challenge (mental wellbeing)
  • 21 Day Walking Challenge

Example Challenge: Rainbow Foods Challenge

(runs in February for Heart Health Month)

Rich and Engaging Content

Much like our on-site workshops and programmes, the SuperWellness app focuses on quality of content. We believe that insightful, well explained content that is based on the latest scientific evidence is more powerful than simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing healthy habits. Our app content is updated all year round and includes:

  • 100+ Breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snack recipes
  • Extensive high quality fitness video library (multiple genres and levels)
  • Friendly ‘push notifications’ to keep your employees engaged with nudges relevant to seasonal health themes.

Adding value to on-site programmes

The SuperWellness app brings continuity into your wellbeing programme, allowing users to:

  • Set personal goals after a workshop
  • Receive key points and their personal goals by email back at their desk
  • Track their body composition test results and receive overview reports
  • Measure before / after health & wellbeing scores using the Wellbeing Tracker

Bespoke branded version

Would you like to easily communicate with your employees around company specific topics and build on the engagement already created by the app? No problem, we can create a bespoke version containing all of the SuperWellness content, in addition to:

  • Bespoke corporate branding
  • Key company dates and events
  • Health and safety reminders
  • Bespoke challenges and much more

Privacy and data security

Secure individual logins. No personal data is shared with third parties.

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