Nutrition Workshops

Looking to focus more on healthy eating within your wellbeing strategy? A workplace nutrition workshop could be a good place to start.

Increasingly employers are recognising the impact of healthy eating on health and productivity and look for cost-effective ways to promote healthy eating among their workforce. Having delivered close to a thousand nutrition workshops over the past 6 years, in a range of formats, we’ve learnt through experience the dos and don’ts of successful workshops. 

Your wellbeing programme

Consultancy & Wellbeing Workshops 

Wellbeing Consultancy

Employee Wellbeing Survey & Programme Planning (Included within any 12 month programme)

We assess your work environment in order to adapt the structure of the wellbeing programme where needed. We work with you to set objectives, design a strategy and where relevant establish a relationship with your catering provider. We will design a survey to suit your objectives, drawing on tried and tested questions:

  • Public Health England Standardised Workplace Health Assessment
  • Key areas of health concern
  • Barriers to behaviour change (e.g. business travel)
  • Current lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits
  • Interest in future wellbeing programmes and preferences
Workplace Mental Health Consultancy

Looking to give your wellbeing a programme a strong focus on mental health?

It’s imperative that staff are supported to look after both their bodies and their minds to ensure a workforce that’s well. For this reason we’re now offering a workplace mental health consultancy delivered by Heather Kelly, a highly experienced workplace mental health professional who has helped over a hundred employers improve staff mental health across the UK.

Heather will carry out a top line assessment:

  • Review all current wellbeing support initiatives in place
  • Discuss company’s culture and challenges it faces in terms of staff wellbeing (with emphasis on mental wellbeing)
  • Identify long and short-term goals for staff mental wellbeing
  • Identify resource allocations

Based on the assessment, you will receive:

  • A customised Business Case based on up-to-date research; influential statistics; case studies; return on investment data and tips for decision-maker influencing.
  • Menu of Support Provisions ranging in cost based on your budget, with the guarantee of credibility and with an evidence-base wherever available.
  • Strategy Roadmap – short term (one-year) & long term (three-year) mental health strategy roadmap.

Healthy Metabolism: Weight / Energy Workshops

The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People

An inspiring introduction to nutrition for busy professionals. A wealth of fascinating science-based facts, and practical steps to make change happen. This workshop offers practical solution for those who:

  • Struggle with cravings, low energy or mental fatigue
  • Battle to keep weight under control naturally
  • Want to get healthy with food but lack motivation and time
The Sugar Freedom Plan

Not a day goes by without another alarming sugar story in the press and although most people know of its ill effects, kicking the habit in practice can be a different story. So how do you know if your sweet tooth is actually a problem and what can you do about it? This well researched, workshop uncovers the evidence and what it means in terms of our daily choices.

Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is vitally important to our health and wellbeing but why do some people struggle to sleep well? Our facilitator will guide attendees to play ‘sleep detective’, ticking off their personal checklist of potential sleep thieves, from nocturnal blood sugar fluctuations to hormonal reasons. Your employees will have the opportunity to build a personal action plan as the session unfolds.

Lose Weight and Gain Energy

Why do some people seem to struggle with their metabolism no matter what they do? It can mean a distressing cycle of dieting and when willpower fails, feelings of guilt and failure. It doesn’t have to be this way. In this session we share proven strategies for resolving weight issues in a lasting way by focusing on creating a healthy metabolism.

Shrinkology at Work

Banish emotional eating, regain control, perform at your best, with Dr Meg Arroll, author of ‘The Shrinkology Solution’. Dr Meg will be leading this engaging workshop packed full of evidence-based insights and practical solutions for those at work:

  • Identify your health personality with the Shrinkology quiz
  • Gain an understanding of the best approach for your type
  • Discuss pitfalls and solutions for different work related situations
  • Design your Shrinkology plan of action and set yourself up for success
Boost your Energy!

Do you wake up feeling drained or get hit by performance-sapping energy lows at certain points of the day? There are strategies you can learn to boost your mental and physical energy levels throughout your work week (leaving you more energised at weekends too!).

Detox and Re-energize

Detox diets have been the subject of much hype. This session looks at the science behind detoxification and the hype-free approaches which really do work. Many of us experience unexplained symptoms, sometimes chronically. Feeling sluggish, struggling to lose weight, aches and pains. The missing link could be the chemicals in our environment and food chain. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, pesticides, preservatives… this eye opening workshop offers motivation to kick start a new healthy chapter.

Myth Busting in Today’s Wellness Landscape

Don’t believe everything you read! This fun, informative and eye-opening workshop will give attendees an insight into the science and evidence behind many of the claims made around diet and nutrition.

The session will encourage people to view the wellness industry from a new perspective and question what they read and who they should believe. This interactive workshop is for those who feel confused about eating well and what they read in the media.

Specific Health Focus: Digestion, Prevention, Men’s Health Workshops

10 Steps to a Healthy Digestion

Digestive problems affect many people’s lives, sometimes causing immense distress, which they often feel embarrassed to talk about openly – especially in a work environment. From acid reflux to painful cramps, with everything in between including bloating, constipation and urgency, the causes of these problems are often misunderstood. And yet many digestive problems can be improved by introducing specific nutrition and lifestyle measures.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, with this number increasing 5% annually.

In this workshop we share simple steps to help your employees to recognise and reduce the symptoms of allergies and intolerances which are now becoming more prevalent. We will guide you through the most common food allergens and share with you key tips on choosing healthy and appetising alternatives.

1 in 2: Cancer Prevention

‘Squeezing the modifiable risk factors’: Cancer Research UK estimates that 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. It also estimates that 42% of cases are preventable.

This is an empowering seminar in which we acknowledge these statistics and share the science which demonstrates you can lower your risk of developing cancer.  We examine 4 modifiable risk factors and share the practical steps you can take to squeeze these modifiable risk factors to an absolute minimum.

Take Heart

5 Measures that will Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Now. There are 7 Million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK. From high blood pressure to heart attacks and strokes, conditions related to the heart can be deadly, as well as sapping people’s quality of life in and outside of work.

In many cases, increased awareness and a few adjustments could prevent this from happening. We share 5 practical measures anyone can take now in order to beat heart disease and other related conditions.

Preventing Back Pain and RSI

Learn how to incorporate small changes in your daily routine to prevent back pain and RSI becoming a problem. This is a very practical workshop aimed at demonstrating techniques which your employees can begin practising straight away, and build into their routine for long term musculo-skeletal health.

Living Longer and Better

In the UK approximately 30% of the working population is aged over 50.  This proportion of the workforce brings experience and its own set of health priorities. 

With retirement being delayed for many, this seminar looks at how to maintain quality of life. We look at nutritional and lifestyle habits which contribute to longevity and address some of the common health concerns of the older generation from bone health to mental wellbeing.

Time-saving Dietary Tips for Busy Working Carers of Older People

The responsibilities put upon working carers can have a huge impact on their own health, wellness and personal life goals. This workshop is designed to educate working carers on the importance of nutrition for older people in their care, whilst helping them to develop a diet strategy that provides optimal nutrition with minimal effort to free up more time for themselves and help reduce the burden of responsibility.

Manning Up to Men’s Health

Research shows that men are slow off the mark when it comes to addressing issues surrounding their health, which can have serious long-term consequences. This workshop is designed to outline the health concerns that affect men and the important role that diet can play in the prevention of disease.

Booze Snooze

Cutting down on alcohol, even for just 21days, can pay huge dividends: clearer healthier skin, weight loss, feeling mentally stronger, not to mention reducing risk factors for a wide range of diseases. This workshop is designed to encourage and support the reduction or abstinence of alcohol for 21 days or longer. This would be a great way to support ‘Dry January’, ‘Go Sober for October’ or Lent.


Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing

Food for the Mind

Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to Boost Mental Wellbeing and Stress Resilience.

If you ever struggle with anxiety, low mood or stress, nutrition-centred wellbeing offers a practical angle which can help you feel empowered to take action.

By making good food choices, it’s possible to influence brain chemistry to feel great every day. In this high energy, engaging and eye opening workshop we’ll provide a refreshing new toolkit for those looking for solutions.

Zinc Taste Testing & Mini Consultations

Zinc is a trace element involved in many processes in our brain and body. Scientific research has highlighted its role in mood and mental wellbeing in particular. It has been called an ‘anti-depressant’ and ‘the essential mineral for resilience’. 

And yet zinc deficiency is a common occurrence in our fast-paced lives, with habits such as smoking significantly depleting levels even further. Taking a zinc taste test is a fun and quick way to gauge what our body’s zinc level might be, and to gain awareness of the habits which could be influencing it.

Stress Buster (Part 1)

What is stress & how to manage it through diet & lifestyle.

Stress: it can be good, bad or downright ugly!  This interactive introductory session looks at how stress affects our physiology, body systems and mood – both in the moment and over the long haul.  

Recognising stress affects both the brain in our heads and a ‘second brain’ in our guts, you’ll find out what warning signs to look out for – and which specific food, diet and lifestyle habits can really nourish and support us in different times of stress.

Stress Buster (Part 2)

How to rewire your brain and side-step adrenal burnout

We know prevention is better than cure. Building on the insights from Part 1, this workshop delves deeper into the world of chronic stress and the heavy toll it takes on our everyday health and wellbeing. 

Tapping into the latest nutritional neuroscience, we share tips designed to help you to combat stress, rewire your brain and side-step adrenal burnout. And you’ll practice and take away simple techniques to re-balance the effects of stress in your head, heart and soul.

Digital Detox

Technological advances of the last few decades have transformed the way we live, work and socialize, making it easier to stay ‘connected’ to the world 24 hrs a day. However, increasing research shows living in the digital age is negatively impacting on our sleep, energy, mood, concentration and work-life balance. We will be exploring the benefits of digital detox, outlining 5 simple steps to support your health and achieve better balance. 

Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualization

Your body responds to your thoughts regardless or whether they are real or imagined. Learn how you can easily use the power of your mind to improve your mood, health and performance.

Meditation, mindfulness and visualisation are wonderful tools to help you relax and this session will demonstrate how to practice them in every day life.

Practical Food Demonstrations

Ready Steady Smoothie Competition

Learn how to create a perfect smoothie and have great fun with your team in the process!

This session kicks off with a quick fire presentation on what makes the perfect smoothie: key groups of ingredients to include, those to avoid and health benefits you can expect.

With these key pointers in mind, participants are put into teams, competing against each other to make the tastiest and most nutritious smoothies from a wide selection of ingredients at their disposal. They must avoid the trick ingredients hiding among the good ones! Each participant will be able to make at least one smoothie. Prizes are given to the winning teams/individuals. 

This format is perfect for creating healthy and good humoured competition and team building. Participants will also take away key insights into hidden sugars, good protein to feel energised and a taste for boosting their 5 a day thanks to delicious smoothie ideas.

Touch and Taste Workshop

In this live demonstration we show you how to make your own healthy recipes and try out new ingredients. You will discover how the right foods can help you boost your energy, brain performance and mood. Our recipes will cover ideas for different times of the day including breakfast, snacks, lunch and a smoothie. You will be able to sample the dishes and will leave the workshop feeling inspired to adopt new food ideas in a way that’s practical and achievable. 

Simple recipe handouts will be available to take away. Themes include:

  • Healthy breakfast ideas
  • Healthy breakfast and snack ideas
  • Office snacking suggestions
  • Snacks for brain health
  • Quick, easy, tasty mains
  • Good Grains & Carbs for Energy

Practical Wellness at Work

Frequent Flyer Strategies

How to minimise damage and promote recovery. This workshop is designed to help optimise the performance of employees who fly regularly as part of their business role. Frequent flying and jet lag can have an impact on health, but this session reveals the strategies that can help to minimise the disruption on the body, and optimise your ability to recover from the stresses of airline travel.

Created by a cabin crew member with 20 years experience flying long and short haul, your employees will benefit from the presenter’s experiences and take away practical advice and tips to help survive frequent flying. 

Nutrition on the Road

Practical tips for those ‘on the road’ – Driving or travelling for work frequently can be tiring, and often it is difficult to adopt good habits. This workshop discusses the pitfalls and the potential implications of this lifestyle on health. Sitting down all day, limited access to healthy food options and a lack of routine can all take a toll. 

We share practical tips and realistic advice to help drivers and other travellers make the right choices. Delegates will learn how to read labels and shop smart, what to take with them in the car and how to navigate the temptations of service stations and restaurants. 

Smart Routines for Shift Workers

This practical session is an eye opener for anyone who works a shift pattern. Attendees leave with an understanding of their natural body clock rhythm and how it influences their health and appetite. And in turn how they can positively influence it with smart diet and lifestyle routines.

  • Understanding your body clock
  • Minimising risk factors
  • Exercise, sleep and lifestyle habits
  • Practical planning in action
Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget

How can busy professionals balance the need to be well and feel great with a healthy bank account? In this engaging workshop, we look at strategies everyone can implement right away for planning, shopping and eating on a budget. 

  • Current meal planning audit (how much are you spending and where?)
  • Healthy budget planning inspiration: 10 tips, including shopping ideas, recipes, food prep and equipment, and eating out
  • Creating your work week plan
Kick Start Your Fitness

Practical, science based strategies for feeling great. Caught in a rut with exercise? This presentation provides the inspiration you need! Packed with science based facts, and taking into account the challenges of long days sitting at a desk, this thought provoking talk is designed to make you want to get moving, get results and feel amazing – fast!

Chair Yoga

Regain focus and ease the tension from desk bound hours. Do you ever experience sore lower back, stiff neck, tight hips and shoulders from sitting at a desk for 8+ hours?

Our practical yoga session is packed full of surprisingly simple poses and sequences that can be done right from your desk or at home. You don’t need much space or time to regain some balance in your life and manage your stress levels.

SuperMind Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Programme

Looking for a wellbeing programme which addresses mental health first and foremost?

The SuperMind programme is designed to equip your employees to handle daily challenges more effectively and help create a healthy work culture for all.

The 9 workshops (designed for up to 20 participants per session) focus on aspects of mindfulness, resilience and performance which build on one another to create a structured and comprehensive journey of self-discovery over a 12 month period. Its unique approach includes nutrition as one of the tools alongside emotional intelligence topics, group discussions and techniques to practice in everyday life.

Its outcomes for participants are:

  • Becoming equipped to make positive food choices for life
  • A sense of empowerment through practical daily habits
  • Team spirit and bonding


1. Mindfulness: Seeing The Bigger Picture

Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something. Includes diet tips to minimise anxiety.

2. Mindfulness: Quieting Chatter & Distractions

Learning about yourself. We tend to be creatures of habit, operating on autopilot and often mindless of our thoughts and actions. Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment in every moment without judgment. Includes nutrition tips to keep mood and blood sugars balanced (and avoid becoming hangry!)

3. Mindfulness: Effective Mental Habits

Focusing on a positive way forward. Beliefs are nothing more than conclusions you have come to at some point in your life based upon the limited information you had available at the time. Includes diet and lifestyle tips for increasing serotonin, the happy hormone.


4. Resilience: Strong & Focused Mindset

Clearing mental clutter. Based on our survival mechanisms and belief systems our brain will only focus its attention on what it deems to be relevant. And that is the direction that our energy flows in. Where is your attention focused? Includes insights on the brain’s composition and nutrition to optimise mental function.

5. Resilience: Rest & Relaxation

Learn to relax, let go and be kind to yourself. How to switch off in order to maximise your energy in the long term, and without feeling guilty. Really understand the power of sleep and learn to use breath for release and healing. Includes nutritional tips to support relaxation and restorative sleep.

6. Resilience: Time & Self-Management

Creating the right balance for you. We encourage you to reflect on the balance in your life currently. Is it positive and if not, how can you create more time for you and include more breaks. You need to look after yourself if you want to have the energy to look after others and create the life you choose for yourself. Includes tips for practical and healthy meal planning to make life easier.


7. Performance: Building Positive Relationships

Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang out with and the things you subject your mind and sould to. By cultivating empathy and compassion for yourself and for others, you will create harmony in your life. Includes insights into the ‘molecules of emotion’ – the chemicals which create calm, happiness and motivation and why our gut is directly connected with our brain.

8. Performance: Creativity and Problem Solving

Your brain is much more effective when it’s in a relaxed state and is stimulated by new ways of doing things, new people and new experiences. Get a better understanding for how the left and right brain function and how to think more outside the box. Includes nutritional tips for a sharp, clear and creative brain.

9. Performance: Confidence – Moving Forward

Choose to step into your power and become more assertive, with a healthy understanding of the difference between behaviour which is assertive, passive or aggressive. Visualise the new you and move forward with confidence. Includes insights to maintain a healthy eating plan for long term benefits, and how to address challenges such as emotional eating.

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