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Is Employee Wellbeing High On Your Agenda?

Whatever your objectives, finding the right partner is essential

Are you looking to create a culture shift in your organisation’s employee wellbeing? Or perhaps you just want to want to introduce the WOW factor with an engaging workshop for your next wellbeing week? Whatever your objectives, we’re here to help. We have a track record in delivering measurable results:

  • Significant health & wellbeing improvements
  • Employer brand recognition, benefiting talent acquisition and retention
  • Noticeable increases in morale and engagement
  • A boost to productivity and performance
  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Amazing feedback!

Why nutrition-centred wellbeing:

Nutrition is an often untapped area of employee wellbeing. It can be a missed opportunity for organisations to make a measurable difference quickly. Our programmes address eating habits first, by supporting employees to make small adjustments which are practical for working life. They allow us to achieve quick wins from improvements to sleep and mental wellbeing to increased energy. This creates a solid foundation for further habits such as exercise and mindfulness.

Why us:

Over the past five years working with clients such as VitalityHealth, P&O Ferries, AMCO, London Stock Exchange, NBC Universal and many more, we’ve continuously fine-tuned our approach. Our success is based on three principles:

  • We aim to maximise employee engagement. We do this by combining eye-opening content with fun team-building activities
  • Our approach is not judgemental; always supportive, friendly and down to earth
  • We seek to motivate action and support people through behaviour change


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Employee wellbeing and the nutrition advantage

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4 pillars of a nutrition-centred wellbeing programme that measurably benefits your business and your employees


Corporate Wellbeing Statistics

The impact of poor diet on productivity

  • Source: Brigham Young University 66% 66%

Proportion of employees who say their employer does not care about their wellbeing, leading them to feel less motivated

  • Source: Investors in People 48% 48%

Additional time off taken by those with 'unbalanced diets'

  • Source: Harvard Medical School 15% 15%

Average annual £ cost of sickness per employee (CIPD)

Source: CIPD

Addressing The ‘Nutrition Gap’

Research has shown that poor diet is likely to impact productivity by up to 66%. And yet 75% of adults are still not reaching the recommended ‘5 a day’. Nutrition-centred wellbeing is a strategic approach to wellbeing. It aims to achieve measurable outcomes by addressing the ‘nutrition gap’.