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How to support your employees post-lockdown?

Workplace nutrition and wellbeing have never been more important than today.

People are experiencing unprecedented change and the stress that goes with it. Fears relating to their health and that of their loved ones. And with many of us still working from home, habits essential to wellbeing, such as healthy eating and exercise can become harder to maintain.

We’ve adapted our tried and tested on-site nutrition programmes to support your teams remotely during this time. Our top priorities:

  • Helping you to keep your teams connected, positive and inspired
  • Providing evidence-based nutrition knowledge to support long term physical and mental health and resilience
  • This includes a strong immune system and reduced risk factors which make us more vulnerable to disease

Ready to get started with smart workplace nutrition?

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Book an Online Discovery Session

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Step 3:

The SuperWellness Challenge

A workplace lifestyle change programme proven to deliver measurable results

Step 4:

Maintenance Programme

Keep your employees motivated and on track with a programme of engaging webinars

Workplace Nutrition Statistics

The impact of poor diet on productivity

  • Source: Brigham Young University 66% 66%

Proportion of organisations which have a wellbeing strategy in place

  • Source: REBA 2018 45.2% 45.2%

Proportion of organisations which include workplace nutrition within their wellbeing strategy

  • Source: REBA 2018 69% 69%

Additional time off taken by those with 'unbalanced diets'

  • Source: Harvard Medical School 15% 15%

Average annual £ cost of sickness per employee (CIPD)

Source: CIPD

Addressing The ‘Nutrition Gap’

Research has shown that poor diet is likely to impact productivity by up to 66%. And yet 75% of adults are still not reaching the recommended ‘5 a day’. Nutrition-centred wellbeing is a strategic approach to wellbeing. It aims to achieve measurable outcomes by addressing the ‘nutrition gap’.

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