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What We Offer

Wellbeing Seminars

Wellbeing Seminars

Tap into your full potential by engaging in healthy lifestyle change

Catering Consultancy

Catering Consultancy

Working with Contract Caterers to Design Healthy Recipes and Menus



Personalised diet & lifestyle prescription guided by your genes’

Case Studies

Case Studies

“The programme resulted in a 33% improvement in energy levels across the organisation"

Welcome to SuperWellness!

The companies that look after their employees’s wellbeing are those which attract the best candidates for jobs, retain their most valuable employees and are spoken of most highly in their sector. They are also the ones with the best productivity performance and levels of engagement. We specialise in Nutrition-centered Employee Wellness and we believe that nutrition should be one of the pillars of your wellbeing strategy, along with exercise and stress management techniques such as mindfulness. Our team of wellbeing specialists and corporate nutritionists help businesses and their people to tap into their full potential by engaging in healthy lifestyle change. Our most popular seminar is ‘The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People – How to get more energy, clarity and drive within 3 weeks’. We cover a wide range of topics, including mindfulness workshops, helping employees reduce stress and build resilience. On this website, you will find information about:

We offer the following services: Corporate Nutritionists, Employee Wellness, Employee Wellbeing, Nutritional therapy, Nutrition Seminars, Healthy Eating Workshops, Employee Nutrition Programmes and Nutrition Consultancy.

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31 Habits for Optimising Your Potential at Work and Beyond

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Some of Our Favourite Recipes

Feel Good Salad

This is one of my favourite salads to prepare when I’m working from home, because it’s so nice when the beans are still warm.

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Middle Eastern Rainbow Rice & Lentils

This tasty and colourful meal can be made in minutes, especially if, as I do, you batch cook your rice and lentils and freeze portions to use later. It’s packed with nutrients that help restore your health and energy after the stresses of a long day.

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Cacao Festive Treats with Spiced Mulled Mocktails

These treats are loaded with tasty goodness and deliver an intense nutrient punch. They contain slow-burning and fibre-rich carbs, protein and healthy fats – plus a host of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients to feed your gut and brain.

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Corporate Wellbeing Statistics

The impact of poor diet on productivity

  • Source: Brigham Young University 66%

Proportion of employees who say their employer does not care about their wellbeing, leading them to feel less motivated

  • Source: Investors in People 48%

Additional time off taken by those with 'unbalanced diets'

  • Source: Harvard Medical School 15%

Average annual £ cost of sickness per employee (CIPD)

Source: CIPD

Healthy Employees Are More Committed And Committed Employees Are More Healthy